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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Top 5 Fun Places to Visit in Calgary
31 january 2017 year
Whether Calgary is your hometown or you are a guest in this wonderful city, you need something interesting to do on the weekends. A wide range of fun things to do makes it a perfect place for adults and kids, for families and singles. Today we’ve collected the best places to visit in Calgary so you don’t have to spend time on wandering around the streets (which is also nice) and can just follow the list.
Best Ideas Where to Celebrate Valentine
28 january 2017 year
Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s time to think about the fun or romantic ways to celebrate it with your partner. We know that sometimes it can be pretty hard to come up with the fresh and interesting ideas and go further than a simple restaurant and a bunch of roses so here is our list of 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day so as you and your partner will remember it forever (or at least until the next Valentine’s Day).
5 Reasons To Try an Escape Room
14 january 2017 year
There can be a huge amount of reasons to visit an escape room. However, there can be pretty logical and well-grounded reason than simple «I have no ideas what to do for the weekend». But we can keep this one as reason number six, while we will present our top 5 reasons why you should try an escape room.
How Escape Games Can Improve Team Building?
14 january 2017 year
Real life escape rooms take a special place among all the team building games to improve communication. And if you wonder how quest room games can improve team building, we have a clear explanation to the bold statement. Let’s start with the fact, that escape rooms are way more than just usual corporate activity for the weekend.
5 Ways To Have a Good Time With Your Friends
13 january 2017 year
Having a good time with friends is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Although, sometimes you need to be creative to get this feeling. This precious time with those who you care most is truly valuable and in order to keep it always positive and never boring you need to come up with fresh ideas for new locations of fun places to be. So here are 5 great ways to have fun with friends which we are offering you to include into your month agenda.
5 Activities To Train Your Brain
3 january 2017 year
If you have this feeling that you are not using your free time as good as you could possibly use, you might feel like reading this piece. These days the internet is full of websites and apps offering you different mind games and exercises for sharpening your intellectual skills.
Outdoor Competitions for Adults and Families
3 january 2017 year
One of the biggest headaches for each event relates to the issue of entertaining your guests. Everything is much easier with kids, but those are particularly adults. That’s why party games for adults and family planning comes with additional questions like what kind of new games for adults and family to find to make this party special and how to keep everyone close and engaged into the party flow.
5 Interesting Places for Team Building Activities
2 january 2017 year
There can be plenty of places for team building activities starting from posh and traditional venues, like dinner parties and ending with maybe weird but fun and effective events like escape room games.
4 Interesting Thing To Do With Family in Calgary
2 january 2017 year
When an entire family has finally a free weekend to spend together, there is left only one question — Where to go? There are plenty of things to do with family outside the house. You just need to look for them.
Interesting Places to Host Your Birthday Party in Calgary
2 january 2017 year
Doesn't matter how old we are, our birthdays always return us to the childhood memories. Back to the time when parents came up with the best birthday ideas for their kids. We might get older, but who says that adults don't have fun alternatives to the traditional places to go for birthdays?