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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

8 Fun Places to Go With Your Friends in Calgary
7 june 2018 year
Looking for where to go with your friends in Calgary? Thinking of what to do on the weekend with friends? Here are some tips on how to have fun with friends while you are in Calgary
10 Best Tips and Tricks to Win Escape Room Games
7 june 2018 year
By using the following tips, you can obtain more than 80% winning rate in Europe and United States. These tips will increase your efficiency and speed as the article will answer the question how to escape an escape room
Top 7 Escape Rooms Facts That You Need to Know
15 may 2018 year
Escape room games have already been popular for quite a while. However, there still are people who don’t know much about this amazing pastime.
7 Best Strategies to Win Escape Room Games
9 may 2018 year
When you think about a game, something fun usually comes to mind. However, escape room games can be tough. You come to that room full of puzzles, and you are supposed to find a way of breaking out. At first, when you’re just a beginner, it’s simply next to impossible. You come in and stand there overwhelmed by tons of details that don’t make sense at all. That’s when you need to use escape room strategies.
Why Escape Room Games Can Help in Self-Improvement?
27 march 2018 year
We all enjoy having fun, no doubt about it. However, once we find out that the fun thing is also useful and helps us develop ourselves, it becomes even more important. In this article, we’d like to tell you more about the escape games.
 Fun Things To Do With Your Family in Calgary on the Weekends
25 march 2018 year
Most people wait for the weekends, but not everyone knows what to do to both have rest, fun and do something memorable during these lovely days.
10 Best Things to Do in Calgary this Spring
7 february 2018 year
Calgary is a beautiful city, everyone who has ever been here can agree on that. In spring, it becomes even better awakening from the long winter sleep. Streets become warmer and sunnier, inviting everyone to spend more time outside and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.
Main 5 Types of Escape Rooms You Will Play
5 february 2018 year
There is a whole bunch of completely different escape game themes: sci-fi, criminal, post-apocalyptic, mysterious and more. However, there are also different types of escape rooms that have their own features and specifics.
How to Use Escape Rooms to Build Your Corporate Culture?
1 february 2018 year
You are an HR manager who needs to improve the effectiveness of the team working on a difficult project? You have your own company with a large number of employees who don’t seem to use their potential to the fullest?
5 "Escape Games" You Need To Try In Calgary
25 january 2018 year
Sometimes everybody feels like trying something new in Calgary. Not like watching a new movie or doing outdoor stuff or going to a new restaurant, but really participate and do something cool to discuss with friends and remember for a long time. If you’ve never tried escape games, now it may be the perfect time to do it. You will be locked in a themed room and given time to escape it by solving puzzles.