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Escape Room misconceptions believing which wrecks the fun

1 april 2019 year
Escape Room misconceptions believing which wrecks the fun

Escape room for some is their way of putting their brain to work for fun, while for some it is a sport that they are better not being a part of, because of several misconceptions that have heard about the rooms. For all those concerned lots, today we are going to bust some escape room misconceptions, knowing which will free you of unnecessary worry, so that you enjoy the escape room games to the fullest:


We understand the concern of being locked in a room with your friends, with a clock ticking as you brainstorm to solve the intriguing mystery. But at Escape Room Calgary, your safety is our priority, which is why we make sure that you have a fantastic real-life puzzle solving experience with 100% safety. And if at any point in time, you feel uncomfortable, you have the freedom to walk out. The game masters try their level best to ease the environment for the participants so that they enjoy without any hesitation. 


This is what people imagine the second they hear, the phrase “escape room.” No, it is not even remotely close to being gory as presented in the famous horror franchise. Escape room is for the thrill enthusiast and is abundantly loaded with mind-numbing elements that will add to the fun of solving it in a limited period. Escape Hour Calgary offers various themes, and it is nowhere close to scary but only exciting. 


Yes, escape room puzzles in Escape Hour Calgary are tough, but in no way is it only made for a prodigy or mathematics genius to solve. While you might find the same level of puzzles in other rooms, at Escape Hour Calgary, you can decide which level you wish to solve. Yes, at Escape room you can choose from many challenging levels and will be provided with high gradation of customization, per the group’s specifications. Escape Hour real-life games are meant for enjoyment and not to clear national level entrance test. 


The sole aim of escape room is to have fun, without judging or being judged for the abilities. It is not a test of what you are capable of and what not. Escape rooms are a fun activity. You are being watched to provide you with prompt support, should you need it. Escape Room Calgary makes sure that if any participant or group is having trouble solving the puzzle, they provide instant hints at the special screen so that there is no wastage of time and the team can successfully solve the puzzle. You are not being watched for mocking but to keep the game going with instantaneous support. 

If you or someone you know is apprehensive of escape room because of the misconceptions mentioned above, we suggest you bring them to Escape Hour Calgary, where all these myths will be shattered, and all you will have is an overwhelming experience. From a group of college going friends to the debonair corporate professionals, Escape Hour Calgary will feed the adrenaline junkie in everybody. At Escape Hour Calgary, you will have the assistance of a dedicated gamemaster at all times, so that you get help as and when needed through hins on the special TV screens. Unlike any escape room, you have heard of or have been through, Escape Hour Calgary offers real escape games in a room that appear to be ordinary, but is anything like that. Escape Hour Calgary assures you to give you the best 60-minute escape room experience; you will ever have.