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Interesting facts

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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Escape Room: Find This Live Realization Of A Video Game At Calgary
1 april 2019 year
The prominent kind of lifestyle in today’s rat race has become quite monotonous. People are living busy with their corporate jobs, businesses, daily jobs, or such others. The plans of “taking a break” keep getting rescheduled due to something or the other - lack of time, funds, and other generic reasons. Life has become busy and, in today’s times, Escape Rooms are proving to be the perfect weekend escape, reviving people with its share of adventure and fun.
Explore Your Options Of Escape Rooms At Escape Hour
1 april 2019 year
Escape Rooms are not a new concept. It is, in fact, one of the most enjoyed games that people prefer and all for the right reasons. They bring a lot ecstasy, adrenaline rush, and fun of solving puzzles. Escape Rooms are based on the basic concept of escaping a locked room by picking up clues, solving puzzles, finding keys and more keys.
Essential elements in an Escape Room that make it a success
1 april 2019 year
If one had to explain escape rooms, it would be “locked in a room.” Doesn’t sound so fun? But when you are on the site, locked in the room with your pals, fun would soon be seen as an understatement. Escape rooms are a great escape from the mundane life, sixty minutes or more of pure adrenaline rushing and mind-numbing puzzles like The Prohibition-The escape duck, one of the escape room games in Escape Hour Calgary.
Escape Room misconceptions believing which wrecks the fun
19 december 2018 year
Escape room for some is their way of putting their brain to work for fun, while for some it is a sport that they are better not being a part of, because of several misconceptions that have heard about the rooms. For all those concerned lots, today we are going to bust some escape room misconceptions, knowing which will free you of unnecessary worry, so that you enjoy the escape room games to the fullest.
Turn your dream wedding into reality with Best wedding planners in Miami
28 november 2018 year
Are you dreaming about a wedding since childhood? And now that you’ve found a prince charming who is going to sweep off your feet, wedding event organizer is what you must be searching for. Now that you’ve landed on our page, we profess that Events by Elle is one of the top wedding planners in Miami.
Health benefits brought up to you by Escape Rooms in Calgary
28 november 2018 year
After working for a whole week, you crave for a break to relax and have fun. However, it's difficult to decide what activity would offer both of those provisions. A package of entertainment with adventure, at Escape Hour, we brought you these mind-blowing escape room in Calgary to spend your chilled-out Saturdays.
Trapped Escape Rooms: An Adventure That Deserves A Place In Your Bucket List
12 october 2018 year
Have you ever watched the movie - SAW? It doesn’t matter how scary that movie was, each one of us had this strange urge to be that victim of JIGSAW and solve the mystery to escape out of the trapped room. Now, coming back to real-life there are escape rooms matching this setting - solving different mystery and puzzle pieces to find your way out of a locked room.
Live Your Fantasy Detective With These Escape Rooms of Calgary
9 october 2018 year
Imagine being trapped in a room where the only way to escape is to solve a puzzle. You are trying your best to bring the Sherlock in you, constantly brainstorming with your John Watson (your friend).
Why are escape rooms becoming popular in Canada?
28 august 2018 year
If the thrill of being locked in a room with your friends and getting antsy to solve the puzzle before the time is over, doesn't get you all pumped up to rush to your nearest escape room in Calgary, then have a look at the reasons as to why escape rooms are increasingly gaining popularity in Canada as well as all over the world.
Trapped Escape Rooms: Why should you try them today?
28 august 2018 year
For instance, you often imagine yourself as Benedict (Sherlock Holmes) from TV Series - Sherlock or some other time you end up becoming Jason Bourne from the thriller series of five Bourne movies. Who doesn’t love the thrill of mystery-solving? Trapped Escape Rooms in Calgary by Escape Hour converts these dreams of yours into a reality!