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Are Escape Rooms Really Locked?

1 april 2019 year
Are Escape Rooms Really Locked?

After several death cases escape rooms got a huge resonance in both news and mass media. But are they really so dangerous? Those who love escape games know, that they are great in relieving stress levels and getting rid of anxiety. However, when there are safety concerns, attitudes change drastically.

Are escape rooms really locked? Is it so complicated to get out of there?

The best and most objective answers can be given by professionals. If you check Escapehour in Calgary, you will understand what a real escape room is. No, it is not locked. A player is the only one who decides whether he/she wants to stay or want to get out without solving the task.

Moreover, a standard locker room or any other exit game is absolutely safe, but there is just one condition: safety requirements should be observed. You might know that in most cases when accidents happened, safety was ignored: emergency escapes were either blocked or didn’t exist, fire safety rules were not observed.

So, safety is above all. If you want to get the best and the safest escape room experience, you are welcomed to visit Calgary or Edmonton Escapehour.