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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Will the tips help get out of the escape room in Calgary?
10 days ago
Are you locked inside an escape room in Calgary and you're wondering whether the tips can help you to get out of such exit game? If yes, then you have definitely landed on the right page. As you already know that tips and tricks can offer you an immense help when you're facing a difficult or challenging situation.
Is it easy to get out of the quest room in Calgary
2 weeks ago
When visiting EscapeHour in Calgary, Alberta Canada, customers have the ability to choose between four unique, immersive real escape rooms. In each escape room, participants have exactly one hour to solve all the puzzles and escape the room. Of course, we all want to win, so which room at the EscapeHour is easiest to get out of?
The best escape room games in the Calgary
22 days ago
If you are going to visit Calgary Canada, or just come to Calgary to have fun in the best escape room in Calgary. Escape Hour is one of the best escape room to have fun in along with your friends and relatives. Escape Hour offers four thrilling real escape rooms that you and your families and friends can have fun in and play for an hour of uninterrupted games.
Calgary is home to super classy escape rooms
23 days ago
Hour located in Calgary ( is home to some of the most unique and challenging escape room experiences in all of Canada. Escape Hour features four real escape rooms that you and your teammates are able to play for up to an hour. Each room features a different theme and allows the player a totally different experience, so there is always a reason to come back and visit Escape Hour again.
Everything you should know about escape rooms
24 days ago
In the modern-day world, finding free time with your friends and family members is very rare, and if you succeed in doing so then instead of going on a regular lunch or dinner and eating the same meal again and again while sitting ideal, you should go for the fantastic escape rooms. Escape rooms have been around for a long time, and since its introduction in Japan, it has become quite popular all over the world. Nowadays, you will be able to find an escape room in most of the towns as they offer an ultimate level of fun and experience. You can easily find some best escape rooms just by searching scary escape rooms Edmonton or escape room Edmonton.
Why escape rooms are fun and a great way to spend quality time?
3 august
Most of the people who have tried escape room will only talk about its positive aspects as it gives an ultimate experience of fun and adventure. The escape rooms are a mix of fun, adventure, puzzles, and riddles which your team needs to solve to escape the room successfully. If you are going to escape room, then you are going to experience adventure, critical thinking, and fantastic gameplay.
Top 5 Tips & Tricks To Help You Win Every Escape Game
24 july
Have you ever tried Escape Rooms? People have become busy with their lives. You cancel most of your outing plans because of one or the other reason - time, budget, and what not! Escape Rooms are easily accessible, adventurous, and give you a wholesome entertainment experience.
What Escape Rooms Are Like in the Calgary?
19 july
Nowadays, escape games are on the rise. It’s one of the most fascinating and impressive kinds of fun and entertainment. Many people choose it because such games make them experience feelings of happiness and anxiety. Thus, if you visit any escape room in Calgary, you will feel any emotions and feeling you prefer.
How to Escape the Escape Room in the Calgary
17 july
Have your friends played escape games in Calgary already but for you, it’ll be the first time? Learn what to be prepared for being in a locker room.
16 july
THE ESCAPE HOUR CALGARY What is an escape room? Is it one of those days when you are with your squad wanting to do something interesting but ran out of choices? Well, you can try ‘An escape room.’ An escape room is a real-life game for two or more than two people where you and your friends’ team up to solve puzzles and other tasks to escape from locked rooms. In most cases, there is a background story in the game, and you and your team play as the protagonists. It is a time-based theme game and an adventurous one. Throughout the world, there are more than 3500 such locked rooms, and you can easily one near you in Calgary too.