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Interesting facts


Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

What You Should Know About Escape Room in Calgary
3 days ago
What You Should Know About Escape Room in Calgary
What need to do in escape rooms in the Calgary?
23 days ago
Escape rooms in Calgary have opened up a new dimension of gaming. It's a real-life gaming experience. You may have played virtual games on your computer or mobile. But, this is a real game. So, it can be an entirely new kind of gaming.
Calgary Escape Room Review
26 days ago
Escape rooms are something you want to do every time. Either it's your birthday or your dearest friends came to visit, there's where you want to be all the time.
Which exit game to play first in the Calgary?
16 december
If you plan on playing an exit game at escape hour then I would recommend "The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar." Out of all the rooms that are currently available, this one is the easiest. The complexity of the rooms is measured in a rating of one through five.
How to design a room escape game In the Calgary?
13 december
There is no doubt in saying that Escape room games are getting very popular in Calgary. They come with different themes and you can also make a team with your friends. There are many types of escape rooms that you can choose from and it is also known as exit game.
How to Make a Game Escape Room at Home in Calgary
16 november
You can transform a certain space in your home into an escapehour room and experience a real adventure from the comfort of your couch. There is a wide array of options for making a game escape room at home in Calgary. Take a look!
How do you play escape room the prison in Calgary?
14 november
Wondering how can you play escape room the prison in Calgary?
Tips and tricks when you in an escape room in the Calgary
27 october
Beating an escape room is not simple, but you can manage it if you have a good strategy, a good team and an outstanding concentration and logic. Even the hardest exit games have a way out.
Why escape rooms in the Calgary are fun
18 october
What Are Escape Rooms? Escape rooms are real-life puzzle games. Kids and adults can be a part of this game. It's situated in Calgary, Canada. What Makes These Games So Interesting? You may have played virtual games. But, a real-life game is completely different. You have to brainstorm the ways to escape from these rooms. There are different levels of difficulty. You can choose according to your capability. But the best part of this exit game is your team. You can play this game with your family and friends. Now, imagine how interesting would it be to solve a puzzle with your team.
Why are Escape Rooms so Popular in Calgary?
14 october
The concept of an escape room is you and your friends get locked in a room where there is no escape. You will be given a list of tasks and if you accomplish them then you will be let out.