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Interesting facts


Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

A Game Which Stimulates Your Brain and Engages all Your Senses
1 week ago
One of the best puzzle solving games of today, Escape Hour has managed to build a name for itself in a real life simulation. Adventure games and rooms were ordinary in Canada, but with the advent of Escapehour, the concept of real life puzzle solving has reached a whole new height.
Everything You Need To Know About Quest Games
2 weeks ago
Do you have any confusion regarding quest games? If yes, then this article will clear all of your doubts. In recent years, quest games have grown exponentially and have become one of the most popular real-life games in the market.
Can You Get Out Of Escape Room In Calgary, Edmonton With The Help Of These Tips?
18 days ago
It may not be easy for you escape from the escape room in Calgary, Edmonton if you are locked in while playing a quest game, Escapehour, unless you have some tips.
Are the escape rooms of EscapeHour safe for kids?
25 days ago
Finding fun, quality family-time activities to do with your kids is a mammoth task. Besides being entertaining, you have to find an activity that is safe for the kids as well.
Why escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary attract more and more players
28 april
An interview with players of Escape Hour. They explain why escape rooms attract them.
How about a teambuilding in an escape room
22 april
Advantages of holding a team building activity in the escape rooms
Escape Rooms - Your Ticket Into A More Interesting Reality
15 april
Many of us find ourselves plagued by constant and incessant boredom. The allure of a life as we see on TV or in films, filled with mystery and intrigue, seems to always be so distant and incompatible with the mundane nature of our very day life. However, you do not need to live your existence without ever experiencing the thrill of solving puzzles and living through a story. Luckily there is such a thing as escape rooms!
Benefits of Playing Escape Room at Escapehour
8 april
Have your friends been talking about escape room games, and you are left wondering what they are? Don't worry, here is all you need to know about an escape room game.
What to Expect in an Escape Room
31 march
Whether it is your first time or your 34th time solving an escape room, you know you are going to get down to the gritty when it comes to solving the puzzles. It gets no better than Escapehour as we offer a variety of choices and they all are equally awesome.
Why you should visit our escape room with your date
23 march
Are you the kind of person who likes to make dates memorable or fun? Could you have gone for several bland dates? The classic dates you have been to may not have been interesting and memorable.