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Interesting facts

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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Top 11 Puzzle Ideas for Escape Rooms
10 june 2017 year
Looking for the puzzle ideas for escape rooms might become a little bit of a challenge. Especially when it looks like all of the creative clues for escape rooms have been already known and all of the combinations have been tried. But there is always enough opportunities for everyone who is planning to create one more of these unusual games.
Top 7 Things That Make Escape Room Experience Awesome
9 june 2017 year
If you already got some escape room experience and visited a few quests, you might have noticed how the impression the game leaves can differ from room to room. The good entertainment is always a combination of factors and features. We also have gathered useful tips for an awesome experience, dividing them into three categories.
What Kinds of Puzzles Can You Find in an Escape Room?
9 june 2017 year
Escape rooms are extremely popular these days and if you haven’t tried them yet you definitely should! And don’t worry about being the first time comer to the game. The rules of the game are extremely easy - do whatever it takes to get out of the room. Believe in the impossible, think out of the box, and question everything you see.
How Escape Room Build Better Communications Skills?
1 may 2017 year
What was your latest team building experience? Going to a bar or making a barbecue at your friend’s house? Finally, there is a better option that is not only a fun one but also one that helps with improving group communication within the team. So next time you are planning a corporate event, check the list of escape rooms in your city and book a game in one of them.
Playing Room Escapes with Children
30 april 2017 year
Playing real life escape quests is entertaining and challenging but playing room escapes with children is the whole new experience. On the one hand, it’s a perfect way to spend a family weekend together and brighten your usual routine, on the other hand, it can be quite irritating if you are not ready for this. Just imagine yourself closed in a room with a child that doesn’t really understand what is going.
 6 Rules For Playing Room Escapes with Live Actors
27 april 2017 year
Escape quests have quickly become a popular family activity both in Calgary and all around the world. They’ve come a long way from the simplest quests with casual game plots and modest designs to the first escape room with actors that turned the whole playing process on its ear.
5 Ways to Improve Your Cognitive Ability
23 march 2017 year
Children learn everything quickly and easy. Their memory is strong and their brain is sharp and fast. But with the course of time, our cognitive function tones down and some things become much more complicated to do than they were before. For adults, learning a new language or memorizing the bulk of information can become a pretty hard task while for children it will be a piece of cake.
5 Activities That Improve Focus and Concentration
12 march 2017 year
In today’s world full of distractions, it’s getting more and more difficult to focus and make things done. Once you start trying, the email comes or a friend texts you on Facebook and here you are, surfing the Web for another two hours. Luckily, there are activities that improve focus and concentration, proved by scientists and thousands of people who have already won this war with distractions and became focused on their life.
5 Best Tips and Tricks to Beat Escape Room
10 march 2017 year
When you are going to escape rooms more or less often (like we do), you start getting your own strategy and sooner or later you understand how to play so as to escape any room as quick as possible or at least in time. But if you are just beginning your journey in the mysterious world of escape quests, you don’t need to travel this path all by yourself.
Fun Things to Do During Winter
1 february 2017 year
Having fun in summer is easy — just get out for a walk or ride a bike and you are all set. But what if it’s cold and snowy? For those who consider cuddling in bed and waiting for spring to come, we’ve created the list of fun winter activities to do to ring the changes into your usual cold season routine. Take our ideas, add a couple of your own and get the best winter you could even imagine.