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10 Best Tips and Tricks to Win Escape Room Games

7 june 2018 year
10 Best Tips and Tricks to Win Escape Room Games

Escape room games are very common among children, teenagers and even adults. It is simply because people love to solve a series of puzzles or riddles to reach an objective, winning the quests. The physical adventure attracts a lot of visitors because it’s a great experience where they have to use the given clues as a team and find the way out.

It looks like a good outdoor weekend plan if you go to play the escape room games. The team which will be the first one to crack the riddles, achieving the goal in a definite period of time, win the game.

As for special effects, the players go through a fictional environment. There are many themes to choose from, and the riddles are usually selected according to the theme of the game. The theme also depends on the place.

How to escape the room is a question asked by many. Lots of tips and tricks exist on how to play escape quests. So, let’s check some of them!

Top Tricks and Tips for Escaping a Room

By using the following tips, you can obtain more than 80% winning rate in Europe and United States. These tips will increase your efficiency and speed as the article will answer the question how to escape an escape room.

Tip #1: Make a team

Playing with your friends, cousins, siblings or colleagues is much better than playing alone. Given the competitive environment, you tend to perform better. Of course, the team should be not too big (over 20 people).

Such big teams might lead to clashes among the players. Moreover, make sure the team you made has people who have a similar level of thinking. That way it will easier to comprehend each other. Also, you can find the best escape rooms in Calgary, Canada. Calgary is a beautiful city with various escape room themes. It is worthwhile to visit this city.

Tip #2: Believe in your team

If you decided to go with a team, you should also believe in your teammates. There could be some moments when you will be not able to solve a particular task. You might feel weak at that moment. A good teamwork takes place when you trust your team members. In the same way, they also believe that you will not be the reason for their loss.

So, make sure you pass on the riddle or puzzle you cannot solve to another person and reach one step closer to the goal. It is a good idea to assign few members as the puzzle solvers. They are responsible for solving and keeping an eye on each task.

Tip #3: Have a strategy

The quest is not the easy treasure hunt game. The games are specially created to help you apply logic, common sense, and quick thinking. It can be a challenge for beginners. Although it is a fun quest, so you need to have a plan before jumping into it.

This plan should include dividing the team and assigning them specific work. That way everyone will have something to do in the quest room. One person should lead the hunt. Also, you should have a backup plan when the original one fails.

Tip #4: Shout-out

The escape room is not a small room. It may include several rooms and corridors. Therefore, whenever you find something you must shout it out so that everyone in your team knows. Because every puzzle has a clue for the next. It can be the location or the way to find the location for the next. If your teammates fail to know what you found, they might miss the next clue which is right in front of them.

Tip #5: Keys in the lock

Keys always drive the players crazy because there are too many of them. The best thing to do is to leave them in the lock they open. After every lock, you will be left with fewer keys and it will be easier for you to figure out the next one.

In some cases, the key might even have a different color than others, have a specific mark or different design. You may also find a clue from the riddle or puzzle about the key to be used.

Tip #6: Make a list

There could be many things in the quest to use. Most of the time the thing is used only once. So you can make a list of "unused items" and "used items". Such list will help you segregate the things and will create less confusion.

Sometimes you may need to connect a few items to get a clue. When you keep the stuff together, a connection is created and this will keep you ahead in the competition.

Tip #7: Ask for help

There will be a time when you run out of ideas or thoughts. Most of the time there is a system in the game where you can ask for hints. You might have to point at the camera or say a code in the walkie-talkie.

It can become boring when you are not getting any hint or clue. The main responsibility of the game master is to direct you towards solving puzzles and winning.

Tip #8: Figuring out the combo

The locks might be opened by a combination of letters or words. It can be only numbers or words or their combination. Using a particular problem-solving skill, you have to unlock the door.

Regarding numbers, if the last digit is missing, just try to combine it with the rest of the numbers apart from the ones used in the first 3 places. Also, try to figure a sequence or pattern like "246" multiple of 2 or "135" (odd numbers) as solutions.

Tip #9: Don't try too hard

Some parts of the game are supposed to be closed throughout the game. It can be some drawers, cabinets, or doors. Do not try too hard to open them because you might end up breaking either the key, the lock, or the door.

Tip #10: It is simpler than you think

Most often people tend to complicate things when it's actually quite easy. One of the ways to escape the room is to not overthink. If you cannot solve a puzzle, look at it from a different and simpler perspective. There is a clear solution for every riddle or task. You just have to figure it out.

In Conclusion

Escape room games are fun when played with your buddies. All the tips and tricks are from previous experiences, and these are some of the best tips on how to beat an escape room. You can come up with your own tricks. However, the final tip we would give is don't be afraid of losing. After all, it is a quest, and the main aim is to forget everything and enjoy.