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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

What Escape Rooms Are Like in the Calgary?
19 july
Nowadays, escape games are on the rise. It’s one of the most fascinating and impressive kinds of fun and entertainment. Many people choose it because such games make them experience feelings of happiness and anxiety. Thus, if you visit any escape room in Calgary, you will feel any emotions and feeling you prefer.
Heritage building Turned into Escape Rooms in Edmonton
18 july
Edmonton, Canada, now, it has a new meaning to those who love escape rooms. Escapehour has a new location there. And some new escape games, of course. Do you want to try some? Then, you might be interested in checking our unique offers.
How to Escape the Escape Room in the Calgary
17 july
Have your friends played escape games in Calgary already but for you, it’ll be the first time? Learn what to be prepared for being in a locker room.
16 july
THE ESCAPE HOUR CALGARY What is an escape room? Is it one of those days when you are with your squad wanting to do something interesting but ran out of choices? Well, you can try ‘An escape room.’ An escape room is a real-life game for two or more than two people where you and your friends’ team up to solve puzzles and other tasks to escape from locked rooms. In most cases, there is a background story in the game, and you and your team play as the protagonists. It is a time-based theme game and an adventurous one. Throughout the world, there are more than 3500 such locked rooms, and you can easily one near you in Calgary too.
Escape Room Game Helps Indigenous Youth Evade Life on the Streets in the Edmonton
16 july
In the current world, it is difficult to impress the youth. Recently, young people very often do not know where they can spend their free time. And the best solution is a locker room. However, now there are a lot of choices in this sphere.
15 july
With about thirteen escape room concept viable in more than three locations all over the nation, Edmonton’s Locked Room is the original escape room that came up in Canada. What is an escape room? Escape rooms are a delight away from the daily hustle and chaos of life where participating players are pout in real life situations where they have to deal with obstacles while trying to escape the room. IT is an engaging respite that saves you from the isolation of playing video games, no matter how high end in the corner of your room all by yourself. It is a lot different than a lot of other escape rooms because unlike them, you will not be paired or teamed up with other random members or strangers in your adventures inside the escape room.
Why Go To The Game Room Or The Escape Room In Edmonton?
1 july 2019 year
Going to the Game Room Edmonton is a good way to jumpstart a day of fun with family and friends. Plus, you will find that the escape games Edmonton that you play in this location will be an adventure that your family will not soon forget. The craze has become something that everyone needs to try at least once, and the company that manages this space makes it an inviting and exciting experience for everyone.
Top 5 Tips & Tricks To Help You Win Every Escape Game
28 june 2019 year
Have you ever tried Escape Rooms? People have become busy with their lives. You cancel most of your outing plans because of one or the other reason - time, budget, and what not! Escape Rooms are easily accessible, adventurous, and give you a wholesome entertainment experience.
Virtual Hospital of Horror Brings Halloween to an Escape Room in Edmonton
24 june 2019 year
Have you ever dreamed about the unusual experience on Halloween? Now you and your friends have a chance to feel the atmosphere of this holiday here in Edmonton. Escapehour has something breathtaking for you: Virtual Hospital of Horror escape room. Get ready for a scary escapade: walk through the abandoned hospital and try to find a way out. Watch out: you are your friends are not going to be alone in the building.
The Most Dangerous Escape Game in the Calgary
24 june 2019 year
Today, Escape Games are of great popularity throughout the globe. Many countries actively launch this great kind of entertainment and Canada is no exception. EscapeHour in the Calgary offers the most dangerous and thus, captivating escape games you’ve ever visited.