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Where find the solution to the escape games?

20 july 2022 year
Where find the solution to the escape games?

Written by: Kristin_kay

These are interactive games that require players to solve puzzles in order to escape from a room within an hour. Sometimes the different rooms will contain clues, or sometimes the player's entry point into the game will be locked behind a door that must be unlocked before they can escape. Some of these games may use physical challenges, such as climbing up ladders or sliding down chutes.

1. Cityscape Escape Games

All the puzzle games are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and they are fun. The games are located in the Northwest part of Canada.

2. Escape Room

Escape Room is located in Richmond Hill and Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and this is a good escape room to go to if you want to be locked up for a few hours.

3. The Room Escape Game

This is a new escape room in Toronto, Ontario, Canada located downtown and it is opening in 2017. It will be open during the week and they are also planning to open it on the weekends they are looking for 12 people to be part of the first team. There will be puzzles all over Toronto and they want fans letter writers that would like to go on a trip like this one.

4. Escape Richmond

This is another escape room in Canada and it is located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada it was first opened in 2013. It was nominated for an award for being the best restaurant and escape room combination.

5. Mystery Room

This is a new escape game that just opened up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and it is located downtown. They are working on the different puzzles that go along with the rooms.

6. Megaplex Escape

This is an escape room that is located in Alberta, Calgary, Canada and it has been open for a few years now. The owners want to make sure that everyone has a good time when they are locked up with their friends.

7. Honey Bear's Escape Rooms

This is an escape room that opened in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2016 and it was opened by two friends who wanted to build a business together.


Escape games are fun and everyone should try one out at least once in their lifetime. If you have never been to an escape room, you should consider going to one. Escape games are a great way to have fun with your family and friends. There are lots of cities that have great escape rooms and you will be able to find them on the internet if you do a search. You could also ask around your city if anyone has heard of any good escape rooms near them.

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