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6 best escape games

8 august
6 best escape games

If you are wondering what is the best adventure escape game, worry not. We have compiled a list of these games on the market today. They provide an exciting and challenging break from reality for many people with varying degrees of difficulty. Enjoying one of these will enhance your quality of life by releasing stress or boredom while giving you adequate exercise and improving your mental skills.

  • The House of Da Vinci

This game is for the genuinely courageous who want to try something different. Unlike any other escape games on the market, this game makes you feel like you are actually inside a Da Vinci painting! To play this game, you must use puzzle-solving skills to retrieve a medallion that will allow you to escape ultimately! Its unique design and features make it one of the best escape games on the market.

  • Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion

It is the most popular escape game on the market right now. The "Toymaker's Mansion" features stunning graphics, is highly challenging to escape from, and like all great escape rooms, provides you with mental exercise. The design of this game is very creative and allows the player to feel immersed in a mysterious world from the moment they enter.

  • Rusty Lake / Cube Escape series

This series of escape games are designed with a puzzle element in mind. While the Escape Hour room is set up for the player to feel liberated and expend some energy, the puzzles will test your problem-solving skills! Whether you are into puzzles or not, this series is a must-have.

  • Great Escapes

There are many different escape rooms on the market, but none can compare to Great Escape. This game is excellent for casual and advanced players alike! The puzzles are challenging, immersive, and fun to solve. Because of this game's unique content and design, it has become a favorite among many escape rooms in Calgary.

  • Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

This escape game is one of the most intense escape games on the market! Arctic Escape is unique because this one has no pictures, unlike many other escape games. Instead, it would be best if you solved puzzles and codes on a map to navigate your way through the snowy fields. This game might be too challenging for some players, but it is well worth the price for others.

  • The Escapists 1 and 2

These are two of the best escape games on the market today. The Escapists 1 and 2 offer a fresh perspective on how to design an escape game and play it. You will have to work together to escape from prison, and work is an essential factor in this game. The Escapists 1 & 2 have made many people's top ten list of favorite escape games!

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