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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Understand More Concept About Escape Rooms
12 july
The popularity of escape rooms is on the rise right now. Essentially, they are a physical adventure game in which players are required to solve various puzzles with the help of hints, clues, and strategies to complete the objectives that have been set out for them.
Learn More About Room Escape Online Games
5 july
As you find yourself trapped in a virtual room, the suspense grows more palpable. You take a few steps back and look around again, searching for clues and wondering if there is a way out. It sounds like one of the Friday the 13th movies, where Jason is just outside the cabin, and you are left desperate to find a way out of the situation, which is precisely what happened in this case.
How to Make Your Escape Room Adventure Fun
30 june
So, you are planning for an escape room adventure. You want to explore the best quest game in Calgary and have a lot of fun. Many people find escape rooms exciting. However, they cannot enjoy the adventure the most without adequate preparation.
Tips and Tricks to Win Escape Rooms
22 june
Escape rooms are tough. It's not like in the TV series where you see the protagonist and their team escape the rooms easily. In reality, this is tougher than it seems. Most groups don't even get to solve the second puzzle. But it doesn't mean that you cannot win in the games.
Benefits of Escape Room Games
15 june
Escape room games can bring better therapy for your good health. It will not only improve brain health, but it will build a strong relationship with your partner and friends. You can improve your communication skills, and do better in work fields.
How to Perform Better in Escape Rooms
8 june
An escape room adventure can be fun. If you are playing for the first time, you might need some guidance to perform well throughout. First, you will have to choose a suitable escape room. There will be many options in Calgary. However, you will have to go with a reputed name to enjoy your game more. You can choose any quest game that you find interesting.
What Can You Expect in Your First Escape Room Adventure?
31 may
Indulging in the escapehour can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you haven't taken part in this before. Every company has something new to offer which means no amount of preparation will be enough to help you soar. Yet, you can have a basic idea about how things work in an escape room in Calgary.
How To Enjoy The EscapeHour
24 may
The EscapeHour adventure is just starting for a lot of people. The new tourists in Calgary will find that the room has a lot to explore for them. Arrive as a group and find a way to learn more about the newest adventure. The escape room will excite anyone who wants to solve puzzles and move forward in a room.
Are Escape Rooms Good For You
17 may 2021 year
The escape room happens to be the immersive experience, which provides motivation in resolving different types of problems. Besides this, it invokes teamwork and helps in building coordination among the members of the team. You are sure to enjoy an immersive gaming experience as you choose this game.
How to make playing escape games at Escapehour, Calgary enjoyable
10 may 2021 year
Playing escape games is one of most popular outdoor entertainment options in Calgary for families, groups of friends, tourists visiting the city and companies. Escapehour is one of the top rated escape room companies in Alberta, Canada, with escape rooms in Calgary as well as Edmonton.