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Interesting facts

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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

How to Prepare Yourself for Escape Room Adventures?
1 november
If you have never tried playing Escape Room challenges, sorry, but you have missed a lot! It is not a trite entertainment where you do not sit and fall asleep but access a brainstorming quest.
Make the Most Out of Playing Quests
25 october
Almost all modern youth are interested in various digital innovations and prefer active recreation. Everyone wants to discover something new. Therefore, the popularity of Escape Hour quests is constantly growing.
The Quest Room platform in Calgary, Canada
18 october
Toronto escape rooms are perfect for teenagers and adults alike who want to have a fun time together. Escape rooms put you in the middle of an entertaining story or puzzle, where you work with your teammates to solve problems - all while trying not to get trapped there.
Escape Room in Canada - Calgary, Edmonton
11 october
Escape Hour Edmonton is the biggest escape rooms location in Edmonton and it has 7 different adventures. It includes Battles where you play against each other teams, an Action escape game, and unique Escape rooms. The game master is dedicated to each room and all the rooms are private.
Escape Room Certificates — Ideal Gifts for Everyone!
29 september
One of the most difficult questions you have to answer when you are planning to visit some birthday or wedding parties is what to present. You definitely want to avoid trivial and boring gifts like candles or spa baskets.
How to Choose the Best Escape Room for You and Your Friends?
22 september 2021 year
Whenever you are bored with routine, or your work literally stresses you even when you relax at home, escape rooms might become a lifesaver.
Excellent benefits of escape rooms
15 september 2021 year
In the past, people only focused on physical games. The trend is changing because people are looking for games that can challenge their physical and mental abilities.
The Ultimate Guide to Fun Weekend Activities
10 september 2021 year
There’s nothing better than having some fun and celebrating the weekend following a busy week. No matter where you live or what you do for a living, the weekends are a time to relax, unwind, and have some fun.
Quest room at Escape Room
8 september 2021 year
Escape rooms are always a great experience for those who are looking to be mentally challenged and enjoy solving puzzles, or and using clues to achieve their goal of solving the problem. This is an exciting experience where you can use your brain and exercise your skills.
Escape Room Edmonton
31 august 2021 year
The escape room will surprise people with what is happening as well. Edmonton is ready for a lot of new tourists in the future. Calgary is another Canadian city which is gaining esteem among the tourists today. The escapehour quest is changing how people view the experience in real time. The quest room is going to be important for all the right reasons.