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Interesting facts

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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Why Kids and Adults Both Would Love Escape Room Games?
28 september
Escape room games are not like virtual games. These games are far more exciting. These games involve lots of activities. Moreover, locker room games have sparkling themes. As a result, kids would love to play these games.
Imagine Yourself in a Video Game While Playing Escapehour
21 september
Escapehour will make you imagine you are in a tough video game with your friends. The quest game is going to be tough but you would want to do everything it takes to be victorious. It would be a great feeling to win and that is bragging rights. You can accidentally leak spoilers on social media since the escape room surely has a team looking at your posts and when they see that you leaked the game, they will change the rules.
Get Rid of Distractions While Playing the Quest Game
14 september
You can't really blame yourself if you are thinking of a lot of things heading over to the quest game. When entering the escape room,, you must get rid of all those distractions so that you would not be able to regret not doing it the right way. There are many things that could possibly ruin the outcome of such a perfect quest game.
Find Your Way to Escapehour
7 september
It is easy to get lost in Calgary and Edmonton without a map especially when you are on your way to Escapehour. Thus, better do your research regarding the fastest way to get there ahead of time. Check out all the roads going there and determine which ones are traffic so you could avoid them. It is a good thing there are a lot of apps associated with finding the path to get to the escape room.
The Thrilling Quest of EscapeHour
31 august
You have loved watching Tintin undergoing thrilling adventures and wished that you were a part of his entourage. You have also been enamored with the stories of Aladdin. How you wish to experience the adrenaline rush of finding treasures, becoming a royalty, and finally defeating your nemesis! Many people would have given anything to be in the shoes of Indiana Jones to go on an exhilarating quest and crack different mysteries.
Why Real-Life Games Are Far Better Than The Virtual Games?
25 august
Virtual games have limitations. You can play virtual games for hours. But, you can never feel those games. Because virtual games can't offer you real emotions. Moreover, virtual games will never lock you in a room physically.
Gather in Impromptu Group Huddles for a Quest Game
17 august
While playing a quest game, there will be several situations when you will be puzzled as to what to do next. There is nothing wrong with doing that as it resets your strategy. You will certainly come into Escapehour with a strategy in mind and it can change from time to time when something unexpected suddenly gets thrown to your way. When that happens, you know you would want to change what you have planned. The big risk here is to waste a few minutes off the clock.
Why Escapehour is Similar to Saw
10 august
Saw is such a popular horror movie that it has a lot of movies and TV series doing references to it. Escapehour is a nice escape room that will test your intelligence. We all know it has different escape rooms that you can choose from. You will get locked inside the room until you solve the problem.
Will You Complete the Missions of Escapehour?
29 july 2020 year
There is always a 50% chance of completing the missions of Escapehour. Don't be so sad if you were not able to do it the first time. There is always the option of doing it all over again. It is true how some people get pretty frustrated when they are not able to get out of the exit game.
The Ultimate Quest Room in Canada You Have To Visit
23 july 2020 year
Have you ever wanted to go on an Indiana Jones-style adventure? Maybe you have always had a desire to go on a quest like the one in Alice in the Wonderland. The exhilaration of finding clues and solving various puzzles gives an adrenaline rush. The quest rooms in Canada are designed in a brilliant way to satisfy your thirst for adventure and thrill. EscapeHour is one such quest room that has been crafted with loads of themes, clues, and codes that will turn a boring day into a thrilling one. It has its branches in Edmonton and Calgary and this article will tell you why you need to visit these quest rooms.