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Interesting facts

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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Choosing Your Quest Game Dream Team
26 june
The second you book a time slot at Escapehour, the next step should be choosing the other people going there with you. If you are pretty competitive, you should choose people who will most likely be able to solve the quest game. It is definitely a lot easier said than done.
Benefits Of Escape Rooms
19 june
The escape room offers an immersive experience that enhances your capacity for resolving problems. It also facilitates teamwork and provides an educationally enriched scenario. They provide learning, cognitive, and educational gaming experience. People love to play these games in Edmonton instead of other traditional games as it boosts mental health. Here are some of the primary benefits of escape room games:
Control Your Excitement About the Quest Game
12 june
You can't blame yourself if you are pretty excited to play the quest game. Escapehour has made a lot of people excited to play all of their escape rooms. Besides, it will only be a matter of time before you get to go inside their escape room.
Why Escape Hour in Calgary never gets old
5 june
You can be an amateur newbie or a seasoned escape artist veteran and still have an amazing time at Escape Hour in Calgary or Edmonton Some have wondered whether the thrill of the escape or the allure of solving the puzzles in the escape rooms that Escape Hour has to offer would eventually wear off and the experience would lose its allure. Absolutely not!
A Game Which Stimulates Your Brain and Engages all Your Senses
29 may
One of the best puzzle solving games of today, Escape Hour has managed to build a name for itself in a real life simulation. Adventure games and rooms were ordinary in Canada, but with the advent of Escapehour, the concept of real life puzzle solving has reached a whole new height.
Everything You Need To Know About Quest Games
22 may
Do you have any confusion regarding quest games? If yes, then this article will clear all of your doubts. In recent years, quest games have grown exponentially and have become one of the most popular real-life games in the market.
Can You Get Out Of Escape Room In Calgary, Edmonton With The Help Of These Tips?
18 may
It may not be easy for you escape from the escape room in Calgary, Edmonton if you are locked in while playing a quest game, Escapehour, unless you have some tips.
Are the escape rooms of EscapeHour safe for kids?
11 may 2020 year
Finding fun, quality family-time activities to do with your kids is a mammoth task. Besides being entertaining, you have to find an activity that is safe for the kids as well.
Why escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary attract more and more players
28 april 2020 year
An interview with players of Escape Hour. They explain why escape rooms attract them.
How about a teambuilding in an escape room
22 april 2020 year
Advantages of holding a team building activity in the escape rooms