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Interesting facts

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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

The Most Dangerous Escape Game in the Calgary
24 june
Today, Escape Games are of great popularity throughout the globe. Many countries actively launch this great kind of entertainment and Canada is no exception. EscapeHour in the Calgary offers the most dangerous and thus, captivating escape games you’ve ever visited.
The Best 7 Escape Games in Calgary
20 june
If you are somewhere around Calgary, you cannot miss its Escapehour facility. Each escape room is filled with tons of excitement and hilarious escape games, you enjoy your time and get an unforgettable experience.
Why Go To The Game Room Or The Escape Room In Calgary?
6 june
Going to the Game Room Calgary is a good way to jumpstart a day of fun with family and friends. Plus, you will find that the escape games Edmonton that you play in this location will be an adventure that your family will not soon forget.
Top 5 Tips & Tricks To Help You Win Every Escape Game
6 june
Have you ever tried Escape Rooms? People have become busy with their lives. You cancel most of your outing plans because of one or the other reason - time, budget, and what not! Escape Rooms are easily accessible, adventurous, and give you a wholesome entertainment experience.
Are Escape Rooms Really Locked?
1 april
After several death cases escape rooms got a huge resonance in both news and mass media. But are they really so dangerous? Those who love escape games know, that they are great in relieving stress levels and getting rid of anxiety. However, when there are safety concerns, attitudes change drastically.
Are Escape Rooms Safe?
1 april
Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular and challenging. There even have been produced a movie about these rooms. It’s a kind of entertainment when people can have a whale of time and train their brains. Are escape rooms safe in case of emergency?
Escape Game
1 april
Welcome to Canada's first room avoid gaming office! Inside any of our experienced players will investigate the distinctive domains of EXIT Canada, where you can show your knowledge, wonders, and aesthetics by outsmarting the Game Master that includes tackling testing confounds and finding energizing intimations and getting away inside the time limit. Our rooms take into account at least 2 players and can hold up to a greatest 10 players for every theme(number of greatest players varies by area) that offers fluctuating dimensions of trouble in which both those of whom are new to escape recreations or the most experienced can have a fabulous time. Snatch your group and head over to any of our different areas to attempt and get away!
Escape Room misconceptions believing which wrecks the fun
1 april
Escape room for some is their way of putting their brain to work for fun, while for some it is a sport that they are better not being a part of, because of several misconceptions that have heard about the rooms. For all those concerned lots, today we are going to bust some escape room misconceptions, knowing which will free you of unnecessary worry, so that you enjoy the escape room games to the fullest.
Escape Room: Find This Live Realization Of A Video Game At Calgary
1 april
The prominent kind of lifestyle in today’s rat race has become quite monotonous. People are living busy with their corporate jobs, businesses, daily jobs, or such others. The plans of “taking a break” keep getting rescheduled due to something or the other - lack of time, funds, and other generic reasons. Life has become busy and, in today’s times, Escape Rooms are proving to be the perfect weekend escape, reviving people with its share of adventure and fun.
Explore Your Options Of Escape Rooms At Escape Hour
1 april
Escape Rooms are not a new concept. It is, in fact, one of the most enjoyed games that people prefer and all for the right reasons. They bring a lot ecstasy, adrenaline rush, and fun of solving puzzles. Escape Rooms are based on the basic concept of escaping a locked room by picking up clues, solving puzzles, finding keys and more keys.