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Interesting facts

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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve teamed up with @WarnerBrosCA to celebrate the release of THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS!
1 december
On December 16, Neo and Trinity Come Home. Follow the White Rabbit to Escape Hour Edmonton to WIN your way to the Canadian Premiere of THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS in Toronto with KEANU REEVES and CARRIE-ANNE MOSS!
The escape room Edmonton
29 november
This escape room Edmonton was something that you could say wasn't typical. It was more like your grandpa's basement then some cool high tech hologram thing. The paint was peeling, the walls were covered in dents, and there were webs all around the top of it.
All you need to know about escape hour
22 november
Escape Hour now is open and we have a free tour of our facility for any out-of-towners going to Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Use promo code "EXPLORE" at to book your place on the tour today!
Can Escape Rooms Be a Good Fit for Birthday Parties?
15 november
Triggered to celebrate your birthday in a non-trite way? Nowadays, due to the pandemic, people try to stay at home or abstain from massive celebrations. However, there are always options for those who have already taken extra measures to avoid the spreading of the virus and want to throw an unforgettable party.
Where to Spend Quality Time with Friends?
8 november
Diversify your leisure activities. It is the main component for your perfect mood and a good night's sleep. It allows you to shift your focus from daily worries to something entirely different. Exciting quests can be a fantastic choice. In itself, such entertainment is already something original and compelling.
How to Prepare Yourself for Escape Room Adventures?
1 november
If you have never tried playing Escape Room challenges, sorry, but you have missed a lot! It is not a trite entertainment where you do not sit and fall asleep but access a brainstorming quest.
Make the Most Out of Playing Quests
25 october
Almost all modern youth are interested in various digital innovations and prefer active recreation. Everyone wants to discover something new. Therefore, the popularity of Escape Hour quests is constantly growing.
The Quest Room platform in Calgary, Canada
18 october
Toronto escape rooms are perfect for teenagers and adults alike who want to have a fun time together. Escape rooms put you in the middle of an entertaining story or puzzle, where you work with your teammates to solve problems - all while trying not to get trapped there.
Escape Room in Canada - Calgary, Edmonton
11 october
Escape Hour Edmonton is the biggest escape rooms location in Edmonton and it has 7 different adventures. It includes Battles where you play against each other teams, an Action escape game, and unique Escape rooms. The game master is dedicated to each room and all the rooms are private.
Escape Room Certificates — Ideal Gifts for Everyone!
29 september
One of the most difficult questions you have to answer when you are planning to visit some birthday or wedding parties is what to present. You definitely want to avoid trivial and boring gifts like candles or spa baskets.