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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Make Any Night An Epic Adventure In an Escape room
5 november
Day by day, the escape rooms' popularity is soaring high. Generally, this is an adventurous game that also makes you physically fit. You can use given hints, strategies and clues needed for solving different puzzles and the set objectives. Usually, the players have limited time and required to solve the hidden within the rooms. There are different locations where the game can easily be planned and includes space stations, dungeons, and even prison cells and such locations.
Tips and tricks when you in an escape room in the Calgary
27 october
Beating an escape room is not simple, but you can manage it if you have a good strategy, a good team and an outstanding concentration and logic. Even the hardest exit games have a way out.
What are you type of player in the escape room in Edmonton
22 october
Ever wonder what type of player you are? Are you the leader of the group? Are you the first one to discover clues? Do you stand back and let others find the clues first while you watch attentively?
Why escape rooms in the Calgary are fun
18 october
What Are Escape Rooms? Escape rooms are real-life puzzle games. Kids and adults can be a part of this game. It's situated in Calgary, Canada. What Makes These Games So Interesting? You may have played virtual games. But, a real-life game is completely different. You have to brainstorm the ways to escape from these rooms. There are different levels of difficulty. You can choose according to your capability. But the best part of this exit game is your team. You can play this game with your family and friends. Now, imagine how interesting would it be to solve a puzzle with your team.
Why are Escape Rooms so Popular in Calgary?
14 october
The concept of an escape room is you and your friends get locked in a room where there is no escape. You will be given a list of tasks and if you accomplish them then you will be let out.
Why Escape Rooms are Good for Team Building in Edmonton
13 october
For those who are not familiar with an escape room, you will be locked inside a room with no way out. You will be given a lot of creative tasks to solve and if you solve them then you will find your way out. If you can't, you will lose. Win or lose, it is a fun team building activity in Edmonton.
What Need to Do in Escape Rooms in the Edmonton
10 october
In every game, there are rules that need to be followed. When you join escape games in Edmonton, you must never dig for spoilers. Even if you were able to solve the escape room by cheating, you won't feel too good about yourself.
How Real-Life Escape Rooms Help in Corporate Team Building ?
8 october
Team-building is an important facet for any business to pay attention to. It’s only a well-knit, highly enthusiastic and motivated team that can deliver the productivity and creativity required for any business to scale new heights. But the nine-to five-grind, continual pressure, and monotony of routine job starts taking its toll, and you find the morale and the team moving down to dust. It has made corporates and business houses to look for avenues to boost team building and pep their morale and enthusiasm up. One excellent medium that corporates can utilize are the escape rooms. While the idea may seem strange; it is a great tool that encourages communication, builds team binds, and helps the employees think along new lines. Don’t believe it? Check it out!
How Are Escape Rooms Beneficial For Employees
2 october
Businesses and corporate houses are always working towards boosting the spirit of their staff. That is because it is proven that only a happy employee can produce good results. Today with increasing work pressure, it is almost impossible not to get stressed. It happens especially when one has to meet short deadlines. Long hours of work tend to put pressure on employees.
Will the tips help get out of the escape room in Calgary?
25 september
Are you locked inside an escape room in Calgary and you're wondering whether the tips can help you to get out of such exit game? If yes, then you have definitely landed on the right page. As you already know that tips and tricks can offer you an immense help when you're facing a difficult or challenging situation.