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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

How to Chill With Escape Hour and What Is Special About It?
16 february
A real-life quest game will never leave you indifferent. They are irresistibly engaging and demanding to think in the way you would think in your day-to-day situations. Familiar plots, characters with pluses and minuses, and a million journeys to take – this is just a tiny bit of what expects you there.
Why Escape Hour Is The Best Option To Spend Your Time Happily?
9 february
Escape Hour is a place where you can play real-life games. You have to move physically to play these games. It would be just like a movie. But, the plot and the activities will be real. So, you can visit Escape Hour whenever you have time.
What’s so exciting about Escape Rooms in Calgary
2 february
Escape rooms are among the most innovative and fun ways to spend some quality time with family and friends while testing your mental strength with puzzle-solving ethics. However, all escape rooms aren't created equal and with the Calgary escape rooms you experience notable differences along with engaging exciting and a satisfying overall experience.
4 Escape Rooms for You to Try in Calgary
25 january
While you are in Calgary in Canada, you have the privilege of playing escape room games according to your heart's content. Once you enter the room, you need to follow the narrative, look for hints and clues, and slowly find your way out of the room. It is essential to select your team carefully while doing so. Your time will be limited, and the countdown is going to start once you get into the locker room.
Top 4 Escape Rooms in Calgary
20 january
The concept behind escape rooms is the fact that a group of individuals will be entering a locker room which is locked, and they have to solve several puzzles within 60 minutes so as to escape from the room. You will come across a number of companies offering this kind of experience in Calgary. In the following paragraphs, we will be mentioning some of these businesses out there.
14 january
You may follow a routine to live your daily life. Your children are going to school and you may have to go to the office. As a result, you live a dull and colorless life. Party's are not so exciting. Because you still have to play a host's character and you can hardly enjoy your own party. This means, your entire family needs a big break to refresh their mind.
Everything you need to know about escape rooms
5 january
Have you ever fancied yourself playing an escape room game where you will be trapped inside a room with strangers or a known group of people and you have to all work together to escape the room?
A cinema VS an escape room?
28 december
Quest game or movie? Love both and can't choose? Let's think about why the Escapehour is better than a cinema and why you should choose it. Here we go!
What should you know before going to the escape room?
23 december
Quest room is a reality game that has become popular all over the world. In Canada, in particular, in Calgary, it is gaining in demand, even though it is a relatively new type of activity. If you decide to take your child or go in your free time, let us tell you a little about what awaits you.
Escape games help in team building for teams working remotely
18 december
Due to the covid-19 pandemic, since March 2020, a large number of people in Calgary are working remotely from their homes. When these employees were working in the office, they could interact with each other, to find out their strengths and weaknesses, allocate work accordingly, especially while working in a team.