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Corporate Events and Escape Rooms: Evaluating the Viability of a Great Idea

31 july
Corporate Events and Escape Rooms: Evaluating the Viability of a Great Idea

Corporate events are one of the most important events in any modern company. They promote team building and build trust among employees. Corporate parties often take place in cafes, clubs, parks, etc. But none of the listed options can give such vivid impressions as visiting an escape room.

Why Is an Escape Room a Good Choice for Corporate Events?

Corporate escape rooms are currently considered the most affordable and effective way to unite a team. They are actively practiced by both large and small companies, implementing various scenarios within one or several events. The main goal they pursue is to teach employees to interact more effectively, develop the necessary personal qualities, and also show them how to overcome various difficulties in communicating with colleagues.

Here is a complete list of the benefits that can be obtained by arranging an escape room corporate party:

  • Find out about the interests of employees by allowing them to choose the room on their own;
  • Teach the team to interact in a less stressful environment, reducing the level of psychological discomfort associated with an increased level of responsibility;
  • Teach employees to work in new non-standard conditions;
  • Help team members develop leadership qualities;
  • Check the stress resistance of each of the participants.

Do not think that organizing an escape room visit is a difficult task that requires a lot of time and effort. There is usually no problem with this. You just need to decide on the choice of room, divide employees into teams, and make sure that everyone has fun.


Therefore, hosting a corporate party in an escape room is a great idea for spending time together. This allows employees to interact on a whole new level. Through the joint search for clues and solving puzzles, individual personalities can truly become a full-fledged team and understand their contribution to overall success.

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