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Embarking on Thrills: Discovering Calgary's Most Exciting Adventures at Escape Hour

8 january
Embarking on Thrills: Discovering Calgary

Are you an adrenaline-seeker? Do you like challenges? Then, Escape Hour is the best place to go during the weekend. They offer a new way to train your mind. Just take friends and start the game. Everyone can try a role of their favorite movie character and get an unforgettable experience.

Mind-Blowing Riddles and Puzzles in One Place

Escape rooms become more and more popular all over the world. It isn’t surprising as it’s a great way to choose a scenario and get the experience you want. At Escape Hour, you can book a Matrix theme, the 5 Elements, Catch Me if You Can, or virtual reality games.

Each room is designed so that you get a real-life experience. It’s much more interesting than playing video games on the computer. Moreover, escape rooms aren’t only about entertainment. They are about teamwork. So, spending time in one of the Calgary rooms will be a perfect choice for colleagues.

The result depends on how you can communicate with each other. You have one hour to find all the clues and escape. Don’t worry if something goes wrong. Escape Hour rooms are 100% safe. You can turn to the game master anytime; dedicated specialists will help you solve the problem.

Are you a seeker? Stretch your mind together with your family members, friends, or colleagues. Forget about what you are in real life and let yourself be one of your favorite movie stars.

Are you a polite bank worker? Why not try the role of a bank robber to get new emotions and exciting experiences? Choose the role, the scenario, and the team of people you want to spend time with. Show how smart you are and have a rest from the banal things we face daily!

Discovering Calgary's Most Exciting Adventures at Escape Hour  Adventures at Escape Hour