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Here you will find many interesting facts about Escape Hour and not only.

Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular in Edmonton?
24 january
The Escape room in Edmonton has introduced the next level of gaming. These games have beaten virtual gaming experiences. Because these are real-life games played by real people.
What is the best exit game in the Edmonton?
16 december
Edmonton has a very wide range of escape games where people can enjoy immersive escape rooms. However, as we know there can only be one 'best' among the 'best', so keeping that in mind here is some information on - the best escape game in Edmonton.
Which exit game to play first in the Calgary?
16 december
If you plan on playing an exit game at escape hour then I would recommend "The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar." Out of all the rooms that are currently available, this one is the easiest. The complexity of the rooms is measured in a rating of one through five.
How to design a room escape game In the Calgary?
13 december
There is no doubt in saying that Escape room games are getting very popular in Calgary. They come with different themes and you can also make a team with your friends. There are many types of escape rooms that you can choose from and it is also known as exit game.
How to decorate escape room in the Edmonton?
13 december
Are you eager to play an escape game in Edmonton? If yes, then you have surely landed on the right page. You can now easily play escape games in Edmonton, Canada. What's more, you even have the privilege to decorate the escape room too. Sounds interesting, isn't it?
How to play an escape room with limited time in Edmonton?
18 november
What Is Escape Room? An escape room is a real-life gaming experience. Computer and Smartphone games are old. Hence, these rooms can give you stunning gaming experience.
How to play an escape room hotel with haunted in Edmonton?
17 november
Escape games are an alternative way to enjoy with your group and buddies. Groups will have a cinematic and interactive room that has a different history, ambiance and process to figure out a way of escaping each time.
How to Make a Game Escape Room at Home in Calgary
16 november
You can transform a certain space in your home into an escapehour room and experience a real adventure from the comfort of your couch. There is a wide array of options for making a game escape room at home in Calgary. Take a look!
How do you play escape room the prison in Calgary?
14 november
Wondering how can you play escape room the prison in Calgary?
FAQs : Escape Room
7 november
Escape rooms are fun, entertaining, and they help to boost your confidence. Offices today prefer escape rooms and do offer plenty of fun games that revolve around the concept to get out of the room before the time is up.