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Best Edmonton Escape Rooms from Escape Hour

25 days ago
Best Edmonton Escape Rooms from Escape Hour

Have you heard of escape rooms? If not, this is a perfect opportunity to try this exciting pastime. Bring your friends, choose the game, and let the fun begin. If you choose the right escape room in Edmonton, this great experience will stay in your memory for a long time.

Many people agree that Escape Hour is one of the top choices in this city. This is true for several reasons. Let’s find out what makes this escape room provider stand out.

Meet One of the Top Escape Rooms Canada Has

First things first. Let’s check the reputation of this game provider. After a quick Google search, it becomes clear that it is a top-rated choice. In fact, it enjoys 5 stars based on 520 reviews. That is a good sign that people love and trust it.

The next thing to consider when making a well-informed decision is the choice of games. This provider gives you different types of rooms to choose from. If you are fond of quests and unexpected twists, you can go for an adventure room. Basically, you and your teammates have 60 minutes to solve the quest. So, you need to use all your creativity, leadership, and intuition to succeed.

You will love other challenges, too. They are engaging and thrilling, and the plot is based on popular movies or games. These rooms can be suitable for both adults and kids. This is a great way to improve problem-solving skills and relationships within a team (we mean it is good for team building).

Finally, the hosts are extremely welcoming and nice. Each room has the so-called game master who will be able to help you and your group whenever you need some hint or any sort of assistance.

Best Edmonton Escape Rooms  Escape Rooms from Escape Hour in Edmonton