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Escape Room Edmonton: Choose Your Senator's Battle

29 march
Escape Room Edmonton: Choose Your Senator

If you are searching for fantastic escape rooms in Edmonton, we’ve got something special for you here. Meet EscapeHour, a place where you can enjoy a lot of intriguing games. They have a welcoming staff and a convenient website to book a room for you and your friends. Today, we’d like to focus more on the Senator’s battle.

A Thrilling Adventure Room That You’ll Love

If you love adventures, the Senator’s Battle will definitely wow you. The storyline of the game is very twisted and full of thrilling curves that keep your interest and intrigue till the end. It can be the most exciting 60 minutes you’ve ever spent in escape rooms. And here is why.

You have a team of agents determined to disclose the senator’s close ties to a mysterious group of Freemasons. You will need to go to the bunker of the notorious senator and make a thorough investigation. Oh boy, how many different surprising things you will see there!

It’s possible to play this game in 2 modes. You can play it against the clock. You can play it to compete with another team to complete the quest. The one who’ll do it quicker will be the winner. Get ready for this usual mission packed with surprises and enigmas.

Is it a popular escape game? Yes, definitely. Many visitors agree that this is one of the best escape rooms Canada is offering now, and for good reason. The room is meticulously designed. The staff is super friendly. The quest itself is unpredictably thrilling. Many players express the desire to get back for more. A lot of fun and a good time can be synonymous with the Senator’s battle. So why wait? Book the room today, and we will see why people go so crazy about it.

Choose Your Senator's Battle   Escape Room Edmonton