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Beginner's Guide to Escape Rooms

14 april 2022 year

The escape room is a real adventure where you and your friends team up to solve puzzles. In this game, the main goal is to figure out how to escape. Escape rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from kids' rooms to adults-only adventures designed to give players their best. Players solve puzzles and find clues. The better organized the group, the more successful it will be.

Rules of Escape Rooms

The goal is an important aspect of any quest room. It is a simple task, such as escaping a room (finding an exit), finding a key, or solving a puzzle. But sometimes, there are non-trivial tasks that only add interest. Without a specific purpose, the room turns into an ordinary role-playing game with a pre-selected plot.

MAIN TASK: Your main task is to get out of the quest room by solving tricky puzzles.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: from 2 to 4 people for one game.

AGE: Usually, players over 14 years of age are allowed to play. Children from 8 to 13 years old are accompanied by their parents.

TIME: You have approximately 60 minutes to complete the quest.

TIPS: As part of the escape room game, you can use an unlimited number of tips.

EVERYTHING you need to complete the quest is inside. It is forbidden to take phones, calculators, etc., with you.

STOP GAME. You can stop the game at any time without giving a reason.

What is forbidden?

  • Participate in the quest while intoxicated;
  • Break furniture, doors, and other objects. The basis of the quest is logic and observation. Physical strength is not required in this game;
  • Dismantle floors and ceilings. There are definitely no hints and clues;
  • Poke your fingers into moving mechanisms;
  • Take away elements of the scenery.

If the players violate one or more rules, the administrator has the right to stop the game at any time without refunding its cost.

What is permitted?

  • To joke loudly and have fun;
  • Effectively use your brain.

The key to escaping the room is intelligence and observation. It is important to think carefully about clues and look for new ones. All puzzles are solved with ingenuity. The most important thing in the quest room is to enjoy the game's progress. It should be remembered that this is just a game, so don't try to break the speed record. You should have fun and rejoice because the escape room was created for this purpose.

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