For corporate & events we can accommodate up to 55 people

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The Perfect Corporate Team Building & Escape 2gether in Calgary

There’s nothing as efficient as team to bring a group of people together. Even more, there is nothing as fun as an escape room. At Escape Hour we bring teamwork and fun together with our real-life escape rooms to create an unforgettable event of corporate team building activities in Edmonton. Within just one hour, your team will work together and bond like never before. 

These games are perfect for team building events as there is nothing more unifying than working together to stop an evil genie from taking your soul away, or trying to break out of one of our locked rooms

Whether it’s a birthday party or just a regular corporate team building activity, escape rooms are a great way to have fun and bring everybody together. When you’re all locked into a room with the clock ticking down and a room full of riddles to solve, its simply inevitable that you will turn into a stronger team. There’s just so much action, adrenaline, and brain-picking stress that it’s incomparable to more traditional outings. Only truly challenging activities can reach the same level of fun and trust that our escape rooms provide, so come on in and find out for yourselves.