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The Ultimate Locked Room in Calgary

Escape Hour offers four immersive real escape rooms that you and your teammates will play for an hour, uninterrupted. This is a game of the mind, so throughout the game you will find riddles, puzzles, hidden objects, surprises, clues, snakes, and all kinds of important information, each bringing you closer to (or away from) solving the escape room.

Our escape rooms are more than just how smart you are, and how amazing you are at lock picking, they also test your team’s determination. With different levels of difficulty and size, our Calgary locked rooms are perfect for corporate team building. It is all about teamwork here and you will find out fast exactly what type of player you are and what you can bring to the table. Are you a leader? A searcher? A problem solver? Or maybe you’re all the above. Unlike other escaped locked rooms in Calgary, our rooms are quite difficult, so we recommend a minimum of 2 players for a room. Even then, we do not guarantee that you will get out. 

You’ll never know what to expect, all our rooms will surprise you with our new ideas, puzzles, and novel ways of thinking that you’ve never experienced before. As such, we more than often find that our players are being completely blown away by our scary escape games in Edmonton. Whether it is barely surviving the Forests of Zanzibar, the clutches of the Evil Genie, the cunning of the Muddy Waters Gang, or even space itself, each one of our trapped rooms is great for team building and will leave you with a feeling of growing astonishment time and time again.

With each visit you’ll see that we’re continually working to find new ways to get our players to stretch their minds and try a new way of thinking. We love our games as much as you do, and we always seek to improve our activities. As such, our activities are at constant state of improvement, from puzzle clarity, to even just how we lay out our rooms, so rest assured that we’re always on a quest to innovate our products.

Book your next adventure with us and experience the one of a kind scary escape room Calgary at Escape Hour Calgary. Join us on an adventure as archaeologists searching for a lost jewel, or as travelers trapped in a ruthless genies lamp, or as detectives defusing a bomb and dissolving a crime ring, or even join us as astronauts collecting data in unknown parts of the universe!

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