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Escape hour for game lovers

30 march 2022 year
Escape hour for game lovers

Escape hour is a gaming event organized by people who like to play games. With over ten years of experience, each event has become bigger and better than the last. So get your friends together and find out what hours are best for you on our website at

Escape hour is a new type of game event, inspired by gaming events like the Game Over and The 7th Guest that were held in London in the early 2000s. Escape hour is less of a gaming event and more of a public escape room. You play games with friends at 6 pm and then, after your chosen game you can explore the area of the Escape Hour hub, which is a games convention center in Covent Garden. The idea is that you can come on the night to play the games that tick your boxes but also get to see what's going on around you.

Ticket holders are more than welcome to stay at the hub, and there is a special discounted ticket for all those who have already played on the night (due to the fact that they're not likely to play again). If you wish to stay at the hub, please note you will be staying until after midnight. The ticket price also covers money off in all bar areas and food/drink discounts. We have an organized social gathering at midnight.

Escape hour offers a fun and social atmosphere, with the chance to meet new people while playing games in a comfortable environment. We are a group of professionals involved in events, websites, and gaming - all of whom have an interest in doing something interesting.

They have several different themes on the same quiz-like system used in all the games. These are the matrix theme, the virtual reality game, cyberspace, bank robbery, and other fascinating directions.

The games are designed around what people want to play. We made sure that players felt part of the game by placing them in different locations in the room for different parts of the game. They also use custom-built props, lighting, sound, and objects. They've also tried to make sure that you get to play with a variety of people. Each game is one hour long, so it's ideal for your train or tube journey home!

Since they started holding events in 2008 they have grown from a single room escape to a three room escape with many puzzles and over ten rooms filled with games. They always strive to be different, and we think we've managed that. We're even working with a charity to make sure you play something good!

Escape hour  A public escape room