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What Causes Difficulty When Visiting an Escape Room?

8 april 2022 year
What Causes Difficulty When Visiting an Escape Room?

You enter the escape room knowing only one fact — your brain must work as actively as possible. At first glance, there is nothing complicated about it, but in fact, visiting such a room is quite difficult. And there are several reasons for this, which will be described in detail in this article.

Decreased Ability to Focus

Fear of the unknown and a great desire to win — this is what accompanies the solution to any puzzle. The human body has evolved to respond to such pressure, releasing adrenaline that allows us to think more clearly and move faster. A person always focuses on the cause of anxiety, whether meeting a predator, visiting an escape room, or in other activating conditions. As a result, the ability to focus is extremely reduced. There is a desire to escape and relocate to more comfortable and safe conditions. This is one of the main difficulties that arise as a result of visiting the escape room.

Lack of Known Tools for Solving a Problem Situation

When our brain encounters a problem for the first time, it compares it to those that have existed in the past. Research shows that before we consider and analyze the problem as a whole, we involve certain parts of the brain. In our opinion, their active work will be necessary to solve a particular problem situation.

In the escape room, a person cannot find a solution to a problem in advance. There are not several correct answers, but there is only one, and to determine it correctly is not so simple. Quite often, a person thinks that he/she fully understands the components of the task and can easily cope with it. However, in reality, precious time is often lost, and no solution is found.

Time Pressure

As you know, the action in the escape room takes place within the established time frame. Knowing that it is necessary to quickly find a solution, a person begins to think and analyze the situation differently. Quite often, important points, which are the basis for solving the problem, are missed. In addition, the memory that the participant so desperately needs is reduced.

Thus, attending the escape room requires participants to have a good memory, the ability to focus in unusual conditions, and perform tasks in a limited time frame. This causes various difficulties that visitors face. But any difficulty can be easily overcome through practice if you visit the escape room regularly.

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