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The escape room Edmonton

29 november
The escape room Edmonton

This escape room Edmonton was something that you could say wasn't typical. It was more like your grandpa's basement then some cool high tech hologram thing. The paint was peeling, the walls were covered in dents, and there were webs all around the top of it. There were brains drying on the ceiling, but they looked like the same moldy kind that you'd find in your old bathroom. The room was filled with random items like picture frames, newspaper cuttings, and gum wrappers. But it didn't smell bad; it didn't smell at all. There were also bullet holes everywhere even on what used to be the wooden door frame.

It was something you'd expect to see in a really bad movie where the murderer would be locked away for decades only to finally escape and hide out in this room. This guy or girl that was put into jail must have just taken advantage of their stay there over time, taking every chance they could get to fix up this room. Up until now it was locked away in the basement of some building. You could tell how much work was put into this room by the amount of stuff that was scattered around. If you didn't know any better, you would think there were at least five other people locked up here with them because two cots, an electric chair (that worked), and a shelf full of books were also in the room.

The escape room in Edmonton was very odd. We searched for some clues to see how they got in here but there was no sign of anything like that, not even a doorway. It looked like the walls were just stone brick and mortar laying on top of each other without any cement or mortar holding them together. The floor was made out of old wooden planks with cracks all over them. There were no windows, only doors, which is what made this escape room so freaky. It was like they just popped up out of nowhere, with all the brain matter lying around everywhere. Even though it smelled terrible there was not one dead body in sight or any blood anywhere to be found.

The second we walked into the room the door slammed shut behind us before we could even look around. We thought it would be fun to see what was in here and it looked like other groups had already gone through there. The only thing that didn't make sense was why this place wasn't torn apart by now, because it has received way more visitors than should have been.

The escape room  The escape room in Edmonton