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All you need to know about escape hour

22 november
All you need to know about escape hour

Escape Hour now is open and we have a free tour of our facility for any out-of-towners going to Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Use promo code "EXPLORE" at to book your place on the tour today!

Many citizens of Calgary are concerned about the surprise COVID-19 outbreak. We assure you that Escape Hour is safe to visit and entertain guests at our location, which is one of several locations in Canada included within Staging Area 2.

Staging Area 2 safely contains the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to the city of Calgary. Atlanta has not reported any cases in several years, but our location's sister location in Atlanta is safe and ready for this year's event, too! we are excited to be hosting a contest giving away one pair of tickets for anyone who signs up or makes another booking online. Simply make or book a booking now, and use promo code "EXPLORE".

Escape Hour is a Canadian entertainment company with several escape room locations across the nation. Escape Hour has been hosting escape games since 2015 and continues to expand, with new rooms joining our Calgary location. We have two separate stories available in our Calgary location: The Library & The Laboratory. Escape Hour also has sister locations in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Escape Hour partners with Escape Games UK to bring you the latest escape room games. We are very excited about Coronavirus (COVID-19) event! This live escape game is a great opportunity for you and your friends to explore a new kind of puzzle experience in a fun and immersive environment.

Entrance to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) event is free, but space is limited so book your place now! You can play the game with up to 7 other people. If you have less than 8 participants in your group, we will team you up with players from other groups. You can reserve your spot online at

Escape Hour has two rooms available to play: The Laboratory and The Library. Both rooms were created by Escape Games UK and their owners can offer you an invitation to play in their other locations across Canada. You will need at least 8 people in your group but there is no maximum number of participants. After the game, take some time to relax and enjoy our lobby area before making a visit to the city of Calgary!

Our venue has ample parking available near the venue with both free and paid options. For maximum experience, we recommend you play our escape game right after checking in to your hotel! The reason for this is that our services are located within Staging Area 2.

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