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Are the escape rooms of EscapeHour safe for kids?

15 days ago
Are the escape rooms of EscapeHour safe for kids?

Finding fun, quality family-time activities to do with your kids is a mammoth task. Besides being entertaining, you have to find an activity that is safe for the kids as well. Thus, even though activities like paintballing or laser tagging are popular; still most parents avoid them as kids may get hurt while playing. So, if you are considering going to Escapehour, it is quite natural to worry about it being safe for your kids.

All escape rooms at this place are not only amazing and fun, they are quite safe as well. It is perfect for the whole family, and no matter which room you choose, all of them will be safe for your kids.

Safe location

Escapehour is located in Calgary and Edmonton which are considered as safe neighborhoods. The parking lot near this place is great and you won't face any problems there. It is easily located and you can even take a public transport of your choosing to reach there.

Safe locker rooms

It is true that you cannot take your bags, keys, phones and other such personal belongings inside the escape room. But there is no need to worry as the facility has locker room where you can keep your personal belongings. Even the staff are helpful, friendly and co-operating. They will ensure all your belongings are kept safe and you have a great time at this place.

Safe escape rooms

There is a dedicated GameMaster for each group, so no matter how full the facility is, your family will receive all the necessary help and attention to ensure nothing goes wrong during your gameplay. One of the best things about the rooms is that it does not have any push-for-help button. There are video cameras and special microphones instead in each room via which the GameMaster can stay in touch continuously with your family all through the gameplay (60 minutes).

Safe gameplay

The quest game will test your family's mettle by providing different surprises, riddles, hidden objects, puzzles and other exciting stuff. As the GameMaster will always be with your team/family, you won't face any problem while solving the room. In fact, there is a special TV screen inside each room via which hints will be provided by the GameMaster to ensure your family do not face any difficulties. If your family is a bit of a daredevil and does not want the hints, you can let the GameMaster know before the game starts. You can even stop the hints during the gameplay as well.

So, now that you know the Escapehour is safe for kids, what are you still waiting for? They have 6 different themes for you to try. The customized, unique and secured experience will definitely make this place a favorite of the whole family.