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How about a teambuilding in an escape room

22 april
How about a teambuilding in an escape room

What kinds of team building have you tried with your teams: bowling, paintballing, picnic, laser tag? These are more of team bonding activities that let workmates get to know each other better, have fun, spend some lazy time together.

Besides, activities like bowling mean splitting the team into groups and make them compete, which is the opposite of building a team. When competing everyone is doing their best in order to make others loose.

Team building, on the other hand, is about working together trying to solve a problem as a team. To complete the mission successfully teammates push each other to reveal their best, they learn trust and mutual understanding.

Escape room games are perfect for a team building. They are considered to be an entertainment for family and friends, when in fact there are plenty of advantages for business.

Get to know the colleagues

There are always people who work in a company and never meet. They may even work remotely on the same project and don’t know each other’s names. When in the escape room you work face to face, get to know your colleagues in an informal space.

See your work mates from a different perspective

At work everyone only does what their position requires and what they are best in. Even when there are other talents, there’s no application for them in the workplace. While in the escape room every participant reveals their hidden skills. Look closer: those abilities can be used at work.

Build trust and cooperation

There’s no way being selfish and trying to do everything by yourself. In the escape room there are too many tasks to solve, one person can’t cope with all of them. Team work and involvement win the game. In the room people learn to listen to others and rely on them. The experience in the escape rooms lets the colleagues change their attitude at work as well, improve cooperation and see people from the office differently.

Let everyone be a leader

It’s important for managers to leave their superman capes in the office and let others take a lead. Escape room is an environment where leadership goes around. On every stage of the game there is someone who gives a better suggestion and brings the team through the task where somebody else takes the control of the situation. It makes people feel good about themselves and boosts their confidence.

Escape hour in Edmonton and Calgary is an expert in hosting team buildings. When planning a corporate activity at Escape hour, contact our managers first. Let them know your goal and number of people you’re bringing. We’ll recommend you the room that fits the best your goal and your team.