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Why escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary attract more and more players

28 days ago
Why escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary attract more and more players

The number of players at Escape Hour in Edmonton and Calgary grows every week. We decided to interview them to understand what makes escape rooms so attractive. Here’s what we found out:

  • Escape room games give a chance to become a character of your favourite movie or a video game. You’re not observing from the screen what others do, now you’re the one who solves the puzzles, finds the riddles, wins or loses.
  • It’s like VR but ten times cooler. You get to touch the artefacts, search for the maps and clues for real. But if you want the VR, Escape Hour has it as well.
  • Escape room games are a major test for your brain. You aren’t using your cell or any technology. You can only rely on your ability to focus, on the things you know and learnt before. You look around and analyse every object in the room as a potential clue. All the senses are enhances in the moment. And you even discover the skills you didn’t know you had. It’s a great exercise for the mind.
  • Solving the room adds a bit of spice to the life. It releases as much adrenalin as roller coaster. The excitement lasts for hours after the quest.
  • The layout of the room, it’s design and itinerary are the most important. At Escape Hour every accessory is thought through. Everything that surrounds you is intended to make you feel and think in a certain way. It makes the players immerse totally in the reality of the room.
  • When you get the clues right, it makes you feel proud of yourself. When you solve the room on time and win, you think of yourself as a genius. And you always want more of that feeling.
  • Once people discover escape rooms, it becomes their favourite way to spend weekend with friends and family. It’s something new and different from what they usually do: go to the movies, play bowling or do ice-skating. The team works together and everyone gets involved into the game. It’s fun and sometimes scary. One second you feel completely lost and about to quit. But your team keeps searching for answers and they get it right. It brings people closer and gives nice memories.

If any of the testimonies sound like something you’re searching for, welcome to Escape Hour in Calgary and Edmonton. Check out our website to find out more about our themed rooms and book your first game.