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Escape Rooms - Your Ticket Into A More Interesting Reality

15 april
Escape Rooms - Your Ticket Into A More Interesting Reality

Many of us find ourselves plagued by constant and incessant boredom. The allure of a life as we see on TV or in films, filled with mystery and intrigue, seems to always be so distant and incompatible with the mundane nature of our very day life. However, you do not need to live your existence without ever experiencing the thrill of solving puzzles and living through a story. Luckily there is such a thing as escape rooms!

Creating alternate dimensions for people to enter is becoming an ever more increasingly popular market. VR technology is expanding faster than anyone can keep up with and with this rise we also seen an increased demand for escape rooms. Whether you live in a small town in the back country of Alaska or a large metropolitan area such as Edmonton, you have likely seen these games pop up all over the place. Creating an escape into different realities has been a focal point of entertainment since the inception of the film industry. But stories themselves have served as a medium for entertainment for thousands of years even before that. The escape room turns those acoustic tales and turns them into a visual and interactive experience that allows you to be the main character for once.

PsychologyToday states that 90% of Americans experience boredom at some point in their daily lives and the average US consumer spends about 4 hours every single day watching TV. Those numbers are staggering and also revealing of the fact that boredom and dissatisfaction with the reality we inhabit is ever more present. People are willing to do almost anything to escape this fact and now there are more solutions to this problem than ever before. If you ever wanted to be a master detective investigating missing items, or a spy that is trying to stop a nuclear missile launch you have the ability to take that fantasy to the next level. Escape rooms offer a safe and amusing outlet for people who would like a regular escape, no pun intended, from their normal circumstances.

While they may not offer all the answers to escapism, after all many famous philosophers and thinkers have tried to do so over the years, their unique way of storytelling has captured a generation. Storytelling has moved into an interactive era through escape rooms and this progression will continue with years to come. Let's just hope we still remember who we are at the end of the day!