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What Kind Of Escape Room Player Are You?

30 december
What Kind Of Escape Room Player Are You?

Solving an escape game may be done in a variety of ways. The nature of escape games necessitates a wide array of abilities, yet each player has their own approach to solving the tasks. So, what kind of escape room player are you?

The Leader

Whether or if you are the team captain is very obvious: do you issue orders to your subordinates? The Leader's job is to ensure the team's success by allocating responsibilities, keeping tabs on everyone, and establishing top priorities. Leadership is a crucial but sometimes thankless position, as anybody who has attempted to organize a group of people will attest.

The Peacemaker

However, although the presence of a Peacekeeper is not required for an escape squad to succeed, it is highly recommended. The Peacekeeper's primary skill is calming tensions among the members of the escape team. It is the Peacekeeper's job to intervene when tempers flare or when pals have a difference of opinion. They often go into potentially dangerous circumstances to keep the squad as calm and united as possible.

The Scavenger

You could be the group's Scavenger if you're always looking beneath seats and prodding at door frames. Possessing this talent puts you at an advantage since you will likely be the first to find essential hints and clues. You are always curious about what's happening around you, so once a teammate states they need anything, you know where to get it. Keep looking, you crafty Scavenger, even in places where a facility is unlikely to have hidden any data. Your excellent ability to observe the world around you can only help the team.

The Organizer

Having an Organizer on your squad can help you win more games. They are essential in Escape Hour games because they help determine what data should be prioritized and how. You are probably the Organizer if you are the kind to set out facts for your group to have a closer look at or the type to assign individuals things to remember. A natural awareness of how to prioritize and approach difficult issues is an indisputably important trait while playing an escape game, and organizers tend to have this insight naturally.

Whatever kind of escape room player you are, you're probably making a difference. To win, every member of the squad must do their part.

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