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Which is the best exit escape room game

2 weeks ago
Which is the best exit escape room game

Written by: arwamadina


Escape rooms are a physical adventure game in which players solve puzzles and use teamwork to find their way out of a locked room. They require observation, creativity, and logic. Players have 60 minutes to solve the mysteries that each room throws at them or they can be "locked in" for another hour. There are various games that players can try. Most of them are based on the same concept: find clues, complete tasks, and escape from the room with a key. In this article, we reviewed five of the most popular games for you so that you can decide which one is best for you and your family members!

Epic Escape Game

The theme of this game is a trip to a museum gone wrong. Players are greeted by an employee in costume who tells them that they must save their friend from the cursed mummy who has taken her friends hostage. There are 2 different rooms here, based on different stories. The first is a mummy-themed room, based on the movie "The Mummy" and the second is an ancient Egypt-themed room. Players will have to find objects in order to open secret doors, decode hieroglyphics and solve riddles while escaping the museum.

Frontier Escape

This escape game focuses on puzzles and teamwork. Players are trapped in a cabin in the forest and must use their wits to solve puzzles within the limited time frame. They'll have to unlock doors, look for clues and escape before the evening when they may be set upon by a hungry bear.

Wall Escape

The premise of this escape game is as simple as it sounds. Players will have locked themselves inside a room and need to find their way out by using only their hands. They can only use a set of wall-mounted saws and levers to create makeshift tools to help them escape.


The theme of the game is a time traveling romance between a man and woman. Players will have to find the right key in order to unlock their handcuffs so that they can escape from the jail cell. The jail is built into an abandoned castle that has been thrown into darkness by an evil magician who has locked up prisoners so that they can never escape from their cells again.

Hong Kong/China

The premise of this game is as follows: players are transported back in time by a mysterious space-time anomaly, they have 24 hours to solve puzzles and escape from the authorities. The room is an abandoned horror movie set piece with blood and gore everywhere. In order to complete this game, players will have to earn the trust of their captors and find clues to get them out of their mess.


Even though escape rooms may be gimmicky, we believe that they can provide a fun and unique experience to a group of people. Even if you do not escape the room, there is still satisfaction in knowing that you have tried and given it your best shot. We hope that this article was able to help you find an escape room that suits your style and provide some amusement for a day or two.

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