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Tips and Tricks to Win Escape Rooms

22 june
Tips and Tricks to Win Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are tough. It's not like in the TV series where you see the protagonist and their team escape the rooms easily. In reality, this is tougher than it seems. Most groups don't even get to solve the second puzzle. But it doesn't mean that you cannot win in the games.

Practice makes it easier to escape the rooms. But you also need to learn some tricks and tips before you enter the room. Even though you are playing with your friends, you can stay ahead in puzzle solving with these easy tips. Let's find out more in this article.

Choose the right team:

If you love escapehour then you must choose a capable team to play with. You have to keep in mind that this is a game, so nothing is serious here, but a good team can help you win. You need to find people who are willing and the ones you are comfortable with. If you choose people who you barely know or have the least connection with them, it will not help you win. This is because you will find not effectively communicating with them. These games require the intellects of a team, and when you are not able to talk to them, it will be difficult to solve the puzzles.

Plan ahead:

You have to plan ahead of the game day. If you just wake up in the morning and remember this is the day, then you have to hurry to arrive at the place. This will not prepare you for the escape room. You may be the only one wearing uncomfortable clothes and with no mindset to win the game. This will disappoint and discourage your team members. You have to make the reservation at the place at least 15 days before and show up at least 15 minutes before. This will help you understand the rules and prepare yourself for the challenge.

Understand the rules of the room:

This is important. Once you enter the quest game you will find there are various rules, and you have to maintain them. You can ask the coordinator before entering the game room. You have to understand how you are going to get help, as different companies have different rules. If you fail to maintain the rules, it can have a reverse effect on the game. If you want to win the game fairly, you must know about the same.

Check the clock:

Escape rooms have a specific time to maintain. You have to check the clock from time to time. This will help you make the decisions faster. This will also help you understand the time you need for a clue. Other than that, you have to tell your teammates about the time constraint, so they can show their efficiency too.

Remain focused:

Concentration is important when you are in a locker room. You have to stay focused on the task in your hand and not look around. If you have to solve one puzzle, let others check the other parts, it will be wise to not take over the room and let others solve things.

In escape games in Calgary, you must use your clues, say something when you see something, let others use their ideas, and have fun.