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5 Best Tips and Tricks to Beat Escape Room

10 march 2017 year
5 Best Tips and Tricks to Beat Escape Room

When you are going to escape rooms more or less often (like we do), you start getting your own strategy and sooner or later you understand how to play so as to escape any room as quick as possible or at least in time. But if you are just beginning your journey in the mysterious world of escape quests, you don’t need to travel this path all by yourself.

Even though there can’t be a universal walkthrough or step-by-step tutorial, there are some hints and tips that can help you a lot. So here is the complete escape room guide that, together with some practice and good friends, can shorten your way from beginners to experts.

Tip for Team

The main goal in any escape room is not the escaping itself but having the most fun you can get while being closed in a confined space where every item is either a puzzle or a hint at the next puzzle. And the best way to have fun is to gather a good team. That’s why we can’t recommend playing with strangers as it will definitely take some time for you to get to know each other and time is exactly what you are lacking in the escape quest.

So one of the best cheats for escape room is playing with your best friends, family or co-workers — the people you are spending a lot of time with. Thus, you will understand each other quickly and solve the riddles more effectively. And it’s simply another great way to spend time with your beloved ones. But don’t try to fit all of your social network in the room. Too many people can spoil the fun as it would be too crowded and too loud. If there are a lot of you, the better solution will be to split up the forces and go to different rooms.

Take care of that clues

Clues and game items are figuratively and literally your main keys. That’s why you should manage them carefully. First of all, assign the special place where you’d be storing all the items you find. Make sure everyone puts all their findings there as the cheats for escape games will not help if you just lose a key somewhere under the table and will not be able to follow up the game.

You can also divide that place (it can be a chair or a chest or just a floor in the corner) into two parts — for the items that have already been used and the ones that are waiting in the wings. Therefore, you won’t lose the precious time trying to open the box with the key someone has already used to open the door and won’t skip the important piece of paper because you think it’s used. By the way, when we are talking about keys, the best way to keep track of the used ones is just to leave them in the locks.

Communication is a must

Apart from the game items, the most important tips and tricks to beat escape room are communication and...communication. First and foremost, the communication between the team members. If you are not playing on your own (and we hope you are not as it’s quite creepy) then you need to coordinate your actions and work together.

If you find something, say it loud so that everyone can hear and make use of the new clue. If you have a problem with a puzzle, call for help as there definitely be someone who finds the answer. On the other hand, don’t gather all together around a single box or piece of paper. Teamwork means everyone is doing what they are good at and doesn’t mean that 6 people should open a door together.

While you are talking to each other, don’t forget that there is still another member of your team that is watching you through the cameras and wondering how do you escape the room this time. At escape rooms in Calgary, there is always a game master — the important person that knows all the answers.

Don’t neglect talking to him or her, as the game master he or she can give you useful hints or tips when you are stuck. It doesn’t mean you should ask for help each time you don’t know what to do (like every minute actually) but when there are no ideas and all the possible solutions have been tried, it’s better to call the game master than to spend the rest of the time doing nothing.

Crack the riddles

The riddles are all different in different quests but there are a couple of general escape room tips that can help your team solve the puzzles faster. The first thing to do when entering the room is to start searching all over the place. Make sure you don’t miss anything. The most important clue can be waiting for you in the following places:

  • inside a book;
  • under the chair;
  • in a pocket of old trousers tumbling in the corner;
  • on the wall.

But don’t try to use every single thing in the room. Usually, there is no need to think about the power sockets, the wires and all the stuff like this. There can also be the red herrings — the items placed in a room to mislead you and give the wrong hints so watch out.

And now it’s time for one of the escape room game tips no one is usually talking about as it’s a kind of a cheat, yet not prohibited by the rules. If you have a combination lock and can’t get the last digit, you can stop wasting the time and just try all the variants. You will miss a puzzle but win several minutes for the team.

No hurry

Even with the big clock on the wall that counts seconds until the game ends, don’t look at it every minute and panic. To crack all the puzzles efficiently, stay as calm as possible, think about all the escape game tips you’ve read and just keep going. Remember, even if things didn’t work out, that’s not the end of the world. At least you’ve had some fun and now can contribute to another «How to beat escape the room quest?» with your own tips.