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Top 5 Fun Places to Visit in Calgary

31 january 2017 year
Top 5 Fun Places to Visit in Calgary

Whether Calgary is your hometown or you are a guest in this wonderful city, you need something interesting to do on the weekends. A wide range of fun things to do makes it a perfect place for adults and kids, for families and singles. Today we’ve collected the best places to visit in Calgary so you don’t have to spend time on wandering around the streets (which is also nice) and can just follow the list.


Devonian Garden

Devonian Garden is one of those Calgary locations that can’t be missed. It is the large indoor park full of green plants, small ponds, and places where you can just sit back and relax after a long day or spend time with friends and family. It’s a perfect place for those who want to go on the hiking adventure but don’t have really enough time to go to the countryside — this park is located right in the middle of the city.

This is also a great point for meetings and family events as there is a special food court and sections perfectly named to find each other. Just think about that names — Reflecting Pond, Quiet Garden, Creek Bed and Sun Garden....Sound like you are going to visit the fairytale wood where elves and fairies are hiding behind the trees. The park is located on the Toronto Dominion square and is very easy to find even for non-locals.

Escape rooms

If you are looking a places for visit for team building activities, we suggest trying the room escape game in Calgary. It is the best choice for those who like social activities, riddles, and active games. Real life escape game is the new trend. You will be locked in a room together with your friends or co-workers and your task will be to solve the hidden puzzles and find a way out. You will have to show your unity and mental agility to escape the room as fast as you can.

The most interesting part in real life escape games is that they are all perfectly decorated to fit a scenario. Depending on the room, you can travel to space, visit wild jungles or get into the castle of a creepy vampire with all that mysterious sounds and decorations. There are also rooms suitable for children where you can spend a great hour together with the whole family.


For the tourists who prefer more «cultural» things to do in Calgary, there are quite a lot of museums and centers where you can satisfy your thirst for the new information and impressions. These are, for example:

  • The Hangar Flight Museum. This museum has an impressive aircraft collection starting from the old models to the new inventions. It will be very interesting for kids and adults who like planes and want to know more about the history of flying. It’s also one of the best birthday ideas as the museum offer special parties and promotions.
  • Heritage Park Historical Village. It is the real village that was turned into one of the largest historical parks in Canada. Here you can see the life as it was in the late 19th century, buy a fresh loaf of bread in the bakery and ride the real old train. The place can be a little bit overcrowded on weekends so plan your visit ahead.
  • The Military Museums. If you are interested in military motives, take a look at the Calgary Military Museums that contain three different parts — the Naval, the Army and the Air Force museums. They are quite large so you’d better spare the whole day for this venue.

The Zoo

If you think visiting museums is too ordinary and look for interesting places for fun, Calgary Zoo can be a great option. Actually, there are two zoos in one. The first one is your regular (but very nice) zoo with giraffes, penguins, bears, tigers and monkeys. The second one is the prehistoric park where you can travel in time to see....dinosaurs! There are 18 models of dinos created for you to look, touch and get amazed. There are also special zones with plants and flowers, Canadian animals, reptiles and anything you can imagine to be in a great zoo.

Another impressive thing about the Calgary zoo is the range of special events. You can celebrate a birthday party, become a zookeeper for a day or arrange a sleepover right in the zoo — all you need to do is to contact the zoo and ask for possible options. So if you still have a question «What are the cool places to visit in Calgary?», the answer is «The Zoo!»

Farmers Market

The best way to get the full atmosphere of the city is to go the local farmers market, walk around the counters, taste local food and talk to the sellers. Calgary also has a place like this — the Calgary Farmers Market. This is where you can taste and buy all kinds of local foods and drinks starting from fresh fruits and vegetables and ending with beer and chocolate.

You can visit the market’s website to get all the information about the seasonal goods and where they are located as well as the timetable of the events. Yes, the market holds special events for kids and families — you can visit the cooking class, the special dinner or the party devoted to the new product launch. Sounds pretty good for a market, doesn’t it?

These were not the all Calgary fun places to visit ideas but definitely the most important ones. So if you live in Calgary or have a couple of days in this wonderful city — pick one or two items out of the list above and you will not be disappointed.