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How to make playing escape games at Escapehour, Calgary enjoyable

10 may
How to make playing escape games at Escapehour, Calgary enjoyable

Playing escape games is one of most popular outdoor entertainment options in Calgary for families, groups of friends, tourists visiting the city and companies. Escapehour is one of the top rated escape room companies in Alberta, Canada, with escape rooms in Calgary as well as Edmonton. Like most other escape rooms, while playing the escape games at escapehour, the group is allowed a time period of one hour. There are four different escape games at Calgary, the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, prohibition- lucky duck, The curse of the evil genie and Cypherspace. Some of the considerations while choosing the right quest game and techniques which will help in completing the game within the allocated time are discussed below.

Experience level

One of the main considerations while choosing a suitable escape room is the experience of the team members in playing escape games. Most people who have never played any escape game before, are confused, they do not understand how it will work. So in these cases, it is advisable to choose the escape game which is considered the easiest. In Calgary, the treasure hunt game, searching for the lost jewel is considered to be simplest. If one or more team members have many years experience, they can try other games, based on other factors, like personal preferences, age and gender

Game theme

Many of the team members playing the escape game, also play video games and mobile games. Like all players they have personal preferences, regarding the theme of the game which they like to play. Some players prefer space related games like Cypherspace while others may like treasure hunts and Arabic themed games. So before booking the escape room, it is advisable to consult all the members of the team, on the game which they would prefer to play. If only family members are playing the game, it is usually easier to decide the theme of the locker room compared to a group of friends or office colleagues.

Age of players

Often the groups playing the escape game at Calgary are families, parents with their children. Usually the children are spending many hours playing video games and are most excited to have the opportunity to become part of a reality show like escape game. The children will be doing all the running around searching for clues, solving puzzles, so their personal preferences should be considered while choosing the escape game. However, parents should be aware that some of the games, like Prohibition have a higher age limit for the players, only children above the age of fifteen are allowed to play the game.

Other considerations

It is important to listen to the instructions of the game master carefully before starting the game. It is usually not necessary to apply force or break anything while playing the game. One of the reasons why escapehour is extremely popular is because the game-master is closely monitoring the group playing the game, and will provide any assistance which is required. The group can decide the level of assistance they will require before they start playing the game, and the game master will give the clues accordingly.