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Quest Games for Adults and Children: Test Your Mind and Have Fun

22 april
Quest Games for Adults and Children: Test Your Mind and Have Fun

What is a quest room? In addition to the most popular entertainment for adults and teenagers, it’s a place where you can imagine yourself as the hero of your favorite movie and test your wit in quite extreme circumstances. In modern society, the phrase quest room implies an intellectual game, during which a company of several players is closed indoors. To get out, they have a certain limited time. To find a way out, players have to look for different objects and solve puzzles.

Separate quest rooms in Escapehour have different plots and their own unique atmosphere. Tasks and tips don’t repeat. If you have already completed one quest game, this does not mean that it will be less interesting in others. Many pioneers wonder what happens inside the escape room, and what should be expected when the door closes behind you?

What Should You Expect Inside the Quest Room?

First, you should check quest rooms in Calgary on the site Escapehour, and choose the one that intrigues you most. After that, your team enters the appropriate room and, as soon as the door closes behind you, the game begins. Each room is unique and decorated with an entourage corresponding to the theme. Inside the quest, there is a certain number of tasks designed for a team of 2 to 5 players. The quest has built-in tips for almost every task.

In linear quest rooms, players solve tasks according to a strictly specified algorithm that cannot be broken. There are non-linear quests in which players solve tasks in a random order and practically without a specific algorithm. In both cases, players have only one hour to complete the quest. The team must solve all the tasks inside the quest and get out of it. It is necessary to have time to do everything in the allotted time.

The players are monitored by an operator who is constantly with them on video and audio communication. First of all, he monitors the implementation of safety measures and rules of conduct in the quest and is also always ready to help the players with a hint or, in case of an emergency, to take the player or team out of the room.

At the end of the quest, the operator meets the players. The locker room is a place where the most incredible quests are collected. Hurry up to get a new great experience and start your adventure. While you read, others have already started the game!