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Why You and Your Spouse Should Escape Together

9 march
Why You and Your Spouse Should Escape Together

Written by: breannademont

Let's face it. Spouses know their partners better than most, but that could change in an instant, as escape rooms require a level of teamwork unmatched by other activities. You may know many sides to your partner--how they handle stress, how they celebrate success, how they travel and how they problem solve on their own. In an escape room, participants are completely responsible for getting out of the room together, requiring spouses to rise to the occasion and work as a team to solve the mysteries each room holds.

Themes of escape rooms vary, from nerve-wracking ones like Saw, where one is solely focused on getting out "alive," to those that test your level of intelligence and problem solving capabilities such as putting oneself in the Matrix, where even the world is an illusion. At Escape Hour in Calgary, spouses have the opportunity to immerse themselves in other realities, while having to make decisions as a team in a certain amount of time (60 minutes, to be exact) in order to crack the code of the escape rooms of their choosing. This can be a challenging task for some, as not everyone will agree with each other on how to solve the mystery, and most will have completely different tactics for getting out. It's an opportunity for spouses to get to know each other better than they ever have and come together as one, resulting in a tighter bond between lovers who are shown their capabilities of solving problems they would likely never face outside of the room, yet perhaps mirror real life situations.

Escape Hour offers an impressive variety of escape rooms, allowing a level of fun to be had between spouses in unique environments. However, not every room is an opportunity to come together as one. Some rooms, such as the Senator's Battle, pit team members against each other, requiring a level of sportsmanship spouses should exercise on a regular basis. Let's get real here: couples fight. They disagree, or "battle" with each other, and how they go about fighting is very telling of how strong their relationship is with one another. Escape Hour offers a chance for couples to address how they play together and against each other with love, an experience that can inspire spouses on how to act towards one another post-escape.

Spouses willing to take the plunge can visit to book their immersive team building experience that will be sure to have an everlasting effect.