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Why Choose Escapehour Over Other Activities?

1 march
Why Choose Escapehour Over Other Activities?

Tired of sitting at home and playing online games? Nowadays, many people experience hurdles with communication and retire into their shells with PlayStation, X-box. If you seek new adventures, and just want to spend time with your beloved ones or friends, think about visiting Escapehour.

Online Games or New Experiences with Quest Games?

It is worth saying that the pandemic really hit every person. They were made to stay at home, and reinvent the wheel of what to do. It particularly concerns online games or just mobile apps time spending or simple procrastination. With Escapehour, you may dive into a new interesting journey. Why?

  • This place is fit for all age groups. Grab your kids, partner, or friends and proceed with a puzzling quest game of your preferences;
  • It accommodates the needs of gamers who are in love with VR. Instead of buying expensive accessories for VR for home, you may enjoy it for 60 minutes at affordable rental prices;
  • It suits those who cannot live a day without puzzles. Go to the locker room, and think about the best exits. It is the best activity for kids who cannot keep calm and are hard to impress;
  • Escape room in Calgary with hidden objects and surprises might be a go-choice for team-building activities.

On the contrary, what do you get by staying at home and playing online? Let’s be honest, online games are guilty-pleasures of many people. They like loneliness and do not want to experience destruction. Sitting on the chair with soda or other beverages, and just having smooth gameplay is perfect for them. Yes, it is true. But, at the same time, you get the following disadvantages:

  • You will be definitely bored without socialization or in-person talks, and adventures;
  • You cannot dive into battles against enemies in full without qualitative brainstorming with your colleagues on different tactics;
  • You rarely can access different complexity games. With Escapehour, there are low to hard puzzles to find a solution to.

All in all, our quest games may be called traveling to childhood where you laugh, scream, fight and have no consequences for all your cheerful actions. Book a private room for your preferred quest, and fool your teammates to win. All the rooms accommodate approximately 6-8 people. If you are two only and go for such a date, it is also possible and rewarding!