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How to Chill With Escape Hour and What Is Special About It?

16 february
How to Chill With Escape Hour and What Is Special About It?

A real-life quest game will never leave you indifferent. They are irresistibly engaging and demanding to think in the way you would think in your day-to-day situations. Familiar plots, characters with pluses and minuses, and a million journeys to take – this is just a tiny bit of what expects you there.

Both real and virtual reality locker room games make you turn on logical thinking, solve challenging mysteries, look for hints and prompts that sometimes seem insignificant. Any escape room will need you to find a way out of the room in a restricted time period. Still, not all of them are the same.

Types of Escapehour Quest Rooms for You to Try: Virtual and Real Games

Game rooms at Escapehour are constantly getting more numerous and now you already can choose from a range of versions.

  • Confined escape rooms.

While each quest contains unique gaming elements. In rooms such as Alice in Wonderland or Matrix, you will also use the feature of wearing 3D glasses. You will have an hour of uninterrupted gaming experience solving mysteries and riddles.

  • Escape 60.

This option is a highly technological way to unwind gathering the team of your family or friends to make this time unforgettable. The quest room is designed by ingenious authors to create premium sensory illusions and immerse you in worlds themed with different movies or fairy tales.

  • Real private quest rooms.

Once you get to visit Calgary or Edmonton, we don’t advise you to miss the chance to visit private quest rooms because it’s even better than virtual reality. Even in the time of pandemics, you can enjoy every moment in the quest rooms like Bank Heist, Five Lives, Catch Me If You Can, Matrix, or Senator’s Battle. All rooms are private and correspond to the restrictions like sanitizing and mask mode. Plus, the room will be completely at your disposal with no access for other people. Just reserve the room for a convenient date, come with your friends (not more than 10 people in one room), and have the time of your life.

Even if you haven’t tried this entertainment before, gamemasters at Escapehour will lend their support to grant comfortable and enjoyable quests. Arriving at the place should be no later than 15 minutes ahead. Take your positive mood, be ready for adventures, and you’ll get the best emotions ever.