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Top 4 Escape Rooms in Calgary

20 january
Top 4 Escape Rooms in Calgary

The concept behind escape rooms is the fact that a group of individuals will be entering a locker room which is locked, and they have to solve several puzzles within 60 minutes so as to escape from the room. You will come across a number of companies offering this kind of experience in Calgary. In the following paragraphs, we will be mentioning some of these businesses out there.


Here, a GameMaster will be assisting each private group in solving riddles and receiving hints while the session is on. However, in case any participant does not like to receive hints or clues, he or she can always inform the GameMaster regarding that. But it is going to be radio silence from that point. Escapehour likewise has the facility of providing VR locker rooms in the upcoming days which will definitely encourage the game enthusiasts to a great extent. Here, there are 4 rooms in total.

Arcadia Adventures Escape Room

You will come across the perfect location for providing you with mystery and mischief right here for spending an entire afternoon or evening full of fun. This business which is family-owned provides lots of detail in every single room which makes them a challenge in the long run. The overall success rate in each room is less than 50%, and therefore, you need to be extra cautious while you are here for playing a quest game. The number of rooms here is 3.


In this particular quest room, puzzles are going to fit very well while the level of difficulty can range from misleadingly simple to extremely complicated. This can make the people participating in this game to under think as well as overthink them. Therefore, it will be a sensible idea to encourage the escapees to work on a few problems at any given time since one can easily become bottlenecked while dealing with more complicated puzzles. There are 4 rooms right here.

Escape Capers

This one is going to provide you with a polished experience which you have always dreamt of and can boast of offering one of the few hosted escape rooms in the locality. Hosted escape rooms imply that there will be an actor in the room who will provide you with hints in case you become stuck. Keep a watch on the action of the person in case your group becomes stumped, and this will come of use to you in the long run. Theatrical escape events are set up by it for a limited span of time at some particular places across the city every single year; however, it is imperative for you to act quickly since they sell out quite fast. The number of rooms here is one.