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A cinema VS an escape room?

28 december
A cinema VS an escape room?

Quest game or movie? Love both and can't choose? Let's think about why the Escapehour is better than a cinema and why you should choose it. Here we go!

Going to the cinema over the past 10 years has become commonplace. But visiting an escape room is a small holiday. The moment when girls preen themselves, and men tuck their shirts into their pants. In the movies, we are used to wearing something casual like jeans and a T-shirt. And don't bother too much about the appearance. Because it's dark there after all.

Update your activity

Sometimes in the cinema, films last for 2 or 3 hours. And you sit without the slightest movement and mentally say goodbye to your legs, and not only. The only way to warm up is to go to the toilet or locker room, but you risk missing an important part of the film and annoy people sitting next to you. While you are on the quest for 60 minutes you are always on the move. Even the most "tired" players are so addicted to solving riddles and finding secret places that it is impossible to stop them.

Improve your communication skills

While visiting the cinema, we only watch films. But remember how often you want to discuss and comment on what you watched? The sidelong glances and disapproving grimaces on the faces of the neighbors make you silent. So watch the film into the silence, as if bewitched.

And now about the good: you don't need to play silently in quests, but on the contrary, communication is the key to a quick victory. You as a team discuss solutions to riddles, sometimes even dispute about how to act in a situation. Everyone wins, especially children. They care about the attention, communication, and understanding that they are not only heard but also listened to. They want to spend a good time with their parents.

Feel yourself like a hero

And the main difference between a cinema and an escape room is that in a movie you watch, but in a quest game, you act. You are not just watching Hollywood stars and the exploits of Superman. You yourself become the main characters and take the situation into your own hands. The development of events and the team result depends on you. The Escapehour in Calgary is a great opportunity to try on a variety of roles, find yourself in unpredictable places, and get emotions that will remain in your memory for a long time.

Wouldn't it be better to go to the place where you will be engaged in saving the world from monsters or you will pull off a clever little business to rob a bank? You will spend an exciting and positive whole hour, and possibly more. Escapehour offers many unique scenarios for family or friends. Choose your favorite quest and go ahead towards the adventure.