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What should you know before going to the escape room?

23 december
What should you know before going to the escape room?

Quest room is a reality game that has become popular all over the world. In Canada, in particular, in Calgary, it is gaining in demand, even though it is a relatively new type of activity. If you decide to take your child or go in your free time, let us tell you a little about what awaits you.

What do you need to know when visiting the Escapehour for the first time

Short information:

  • the minimum recommended number of players 2;
  • the opportunity to play with children;
  • in 60 minutes you need to solve all the riddles and escape from the room;
  • the staff has hints.
  • at Escapehour there is everything for your comfort (locker room, waiting room, etc).

The first time in the quest room is probably always the most exciting and difficult. Players have a million questions: at least everyone asks about the rules and essence of the game. Let's try to figure out the main points.

Number of players in the escape room

First of all, it is important to understand that the process implies the presence of a team, which means that some of the clues will involve the cooperation of several people, at least two.

Quests are usually held in a company of 4-5 people, but you can start playing together. The maximum number of players in Esacapehour in Calgary is individual for each quest based on the area of the quest location.

Age of players

Years do not matter, but the age of the participants usually determines the difficulty of passing the quest room. Absolutely everyone can become participants in the quest. For children, it requires the presence of adults in the team.

Time to complete the quest

By default, an hour is allotted to complete all stages of the escape room — 60 minutes, but at the request of the players, time increases sometimes.

How to solve the quest and escape the room

There are practically no restrictions on the actions of the players, on the contrary — every item in the quest game can be a potential key or part of a puzzle, an answer to a solution. Items that are not intended for interaction are usually indicated by appropriate signs, and all other items are part of the quest. Be as careful as possible, logical, and sometimes illogical. Over time you improve your skills of escaping the room. You begin to understand how the developers of quests think when planning them, and it definitely becomes more fun to play the quest game. To open the quest room and leave it as a winner you have to accept the help, ingenuity, attentiveness, and logic of your teammates.