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Escape games help in team building for teams working remotely

18 december 2020 year
Escape games help in team building for teams working remotely

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, since March 2020, a large number of people in Calgary are working remotely from their homes. When these employees were working in the office, they could interact with each other, to find out their strengths and weaknesses, allocate work accordingly, especially while working in a team. Many businesses have new employees who have never interacted with each other. Playing escape games at the escapehour facility in Calgary is an excellent way for new employees to interact with each other, so that they understand each other better and are more productive as a team.

In Calgary, the team can choose any escape room depending on the business profile and the interests of the team members. The escapehour Calgary facility has escape games with different themes like Curse of evil genie, Cypherspace, Bank heist, lost jewel of Zanzibar and Prohibition the lucky duck. Each of the games is a quest game, the team is allocated a time of 60 minutes to find the clues, information required to find a way out of the locker room in which they are confined to. Each of the escape rooms is designed with great attention to detail, so that it is an immersive experience for the players.

The escape games are designed so that only teams which work well together, communicating with each other can easily complete the work in the allocated time period. For many of the puzzles which have to be solved, at least two members of the team are required to work together. Different skills are required to solve the puzzles which provide the clues for exiting the escape room. For some puzzles calculations have to be done, in other cases, logic is required, or the team members have to decipher the information they receive, to make progress in their quest to exit the room. They may also have to search the room to find the clues.

For all this, the team members have to be perceptive, understanding the hidden clues in the room decor. Spending time together for one hour, working closely together, will help the team members understand each other better, their skills, strengths and weaknesses. It will also show which team members are leaders, good at planning or good at implementing. This will help the team allocate work better to each member when they are assigned their next task or project in the workplace. So businesses in Calgary who are interested in find safe and effective team building methods for their remote teams, escape games are highly recommended.