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Well trained game masters make playing Escape games enjoyable

17 november 2020 year
Well trained game masters make playing Escape games enjoyable

There are a large number of escape rooms in Calgary one of the largest cities in Canada, Though the escape rooms of escapehour were only opened in 2016, within the last four years, they have quickly become one of the most popular escape rooms in city . According to Tripadvisor, the travel rating portal, they are the top ranked escape room in Calgary and also one of the most popular fun and games facilities. One of the reasons why people prefer to play the quest game at Escapehour escape room is because of well trained and friendly game masters who do everything possible to make it a very enjoyable experience for the players.

Escapehour is aware that the team members who are playing the escape game have different skills, experience and interests. Since the team is spending their time and money to play the escape game, Escapehour tries to ensure that the game is very memorable. Hence for each escape game, Escapehour has assigned a dedicated Game-master who will work closely with the team and is their host during their visit to the escape room. The Game-master will meet the team who has booked the locker room before the game starts, explain all the rules for the escape game to them and answer their queries.

While in most of the escape rooms, the team will have to press a button or buzzer if they require any kind of help. Realizing that pressing the buzzer can affect the experience of the team, Escapehour has used the latest technology so that playing the escape game is an immersive experience. Every escape room has video cameras and microphones installed. This allows the game-master to closely monitor all the activities of the team in the escape room, and provide assistance if required. Each escape room in Calgary also has a TV screen where clues will periodically appear to help the team.

If the team does not want any clues while playing the escape game, they can mention it to the game-master who will fulfill their wish. The game-masters at Escapehour are extremely well trained and they have monitored a large number of teams playing the different escape games at Calgary like Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, Curse of Evil Genie, Prohibition, Bank heist and Cypherspace. So if the team is facing a problem, they will encourage them and try to provide hints. Most of the Escapehour customers who have reviewed the Calgary Escape rooms have complimented the Game-master assigned to them, for helping them have a good time.