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Why you should visit our escape room with your date

23 march
Why you should visit our escape room with your date

Are you the kind of person who likes to make dates memorable or fun? Could you have gone for several bland dates? The classic dates you have been to may not have been interesting and memorable.

At escapehour we will provide you with fun and thrilling activities that will require you and your date to work together as a team and have fun in our escape rooms. You will rely upon one another to solve challenges and puzzles to escape from our escape rooms. A visit to our escape rooms in either Calgary or Edmonton with your date is a perfect idea for several reasons.

It’s Different

The fun and adrenaline rush in an escape room cannot be compared to dates at coffee shops and dinner restaurants. The visit to escapehour will provide an unforgettable experience for your date on many days to come. Your choice of either our calgary or edmonton escape rooms locations to bring your date to shows that you are a fun-loving person who is willing to try out new things and this is likely to impress your date. There is so much energy rush as you work together to solve puzzles with your date.

The visit to escapehour will also help you break the ice with your date. It is normal to be anxious when you meet a date for the first time and having an activity to do together will help ease up and be open to one another.


Being together in our calgary or edmonton escape rooms, solving challenges and puzzles makes you and your date work together and it will enhance your teamwork spirit. It is a good place to know about your compatibility and learn more about your partner as you work together towards a common goal. At escapehour, you will plan together and communicate properly and enjoy the experience whether at calgary or edmonton. If you are unable to find the exit room, you can book for a second date for more fun with your date in either of our escape rooms.

It will Create Memories

We rarely forget of our first dates. They should, therefore, be as memorable as possible. A visit to escapehour will surely last in the memories of you and your date for the rest of your lives. The experience is so thrilling that you and your date will keep talking about it to your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you like the idea of bringing your date to an escape room. Visit escapeHour to learn, enjoy and create memorable moments!