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15 july 2019 year

With about thirteen escape room concept viable in more than three locations all over the nation, Edmonton’s Locked Room is the original escape room that came up in Canada. What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are a delight away from the daily hustle and chaos of life where participating players are pout in real life situations where they have to deal with obstacles while trying to escape the room. IT is an engaging respite that saves you from the isolation of playing video games, no matter how high end in the corner of your room all by yourself.  It is a lot different than a lot of other escape rooms because unlike them, you will not be paired or teamed up with other random members or strangers in your adventures inside the escape room.

In most cases, there is a background story in the game and you and your team play as the protagonists. Being one of the best amusement attractions in the city, one has to do pre-booking in order to book a schedule or put in an event. Also since the escape room games run on a timed schedule, it is always in the best interests to be there well before time, if not a few minutes.

What should one know before going for the locked room escape?
The charge of admission to a room is costly since it charges about 24 dollars per person.  It brings in a sense of liveliness and tension that nothing can offer you inside the comfort of the four walls of your home.

Escape rooms promise complete adventure where teams comprise three to ten players, all above the age limit of twelve years. Every team once set up is assigned a time of about an hour to plan everything and strategize their game plan in order to escape the room. But how to escape the room? One can escape the obstacle and escape the room by making good use of the elements present in the room in order to solve the provided set of puzzles in the room? Wait! There are puzzles in the room? Where will they be?

Well, puzzles will be provided here and there while you are in the rooms that are hard to miss if you pay attention to details in the room. You have to put in solid coordination to look for clues and find a way to escape out of the locked room in under an hour. And rest assured, all the hidden objects and clues would be in that room, obscured from normal view.

There are different types of puzzles in the rooms ranging from logic to search along with a list of the everyday physical puzzles. And thinking that you being the smartest person in the room will not be of any help. The quicker you realize that you can make it out alone all by yourself, the better. Proper communication between the rest of your members and through teamwork is the key.

The best part about these Edmonton escape room games is that it allows you to play without being crowded with a lot of other enthusiastic players on a bright Friday morning. Plus, the core team at escape rooms is really friendly whose sole aim is customer satisfaction and enjoyment.

Worth the money?

Finally, the basic question that will come in everyone’s mind. Is spending those dollars at the escape room games really worth the dollars? Well, if you are looking for a good time to gel and spend time with your family, instead of sitting on the couch playing games then get tickets to the escape room today and visit now at your nearest one in Edmonton area. Book one for the upcoming weekend today!