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Why Escape Room Games Can Help in Self-Improvement?

27 march 2018 year
Why Escape Room Games Can Help in Self-Improvement?

We all enjoy having fun, no doubt about it. However, once we find out that the fun thing is also useful and helps us develop ourselves, it becomes even more important. In this article, we’d like to tell you more about the escape games. Nobody would doubt that it’s an amazing way to spend some time with friends and enjoy unusual activity. But do you know how escape room game helps in self-improvement?

It really does help, big time. And self-improvement, in its place, leads people toward reaching their potential and fulfilling their true goals whether they concern private life or career opportunities. There are several qualities that we keep in mind thinking about the escape room for self-improvement. They are:

  • Being an effective teammate.

  • Flexibility.

  • Time management.

  • Concentration and attention to details.

  • Being a critical thinker.

For some people, it might sound weird. How can a seemingly simply organized puzzle be so useful? But it is. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most of it. So, the next time you decide to visit the escape room in Calgary, you will know that it’s not only fun, but also useful.  

1. Being an effective teammate

Any escape room is meant for a team of people. It can be a family, a bunch of friends or a couple of lovebirds. However, sometimes you even have to cooperate with strangers in order to get the task done. Under the pressure of tight deadlines, it can be quite difficult to even get along with friends, let along with people who’re strangers. In any case, what you need is an ability to distinguish motivations and aspirations, to see other people’s strengths and contribute what you can. It often takes good communication to be able to find that escape from the game.  

First tries may not be successful. Humans under pressure often become agitated and tend to have conflicts. That’s the point – to see how you deal with such situations in a game, so that in reality you won’t repeat your mistakes. After all, what is self-improvement? It’s a never-ending process of becoming a more effective person in whatever key characteristics you choose for yourself.

2. Flexibility

Not all the escape games let you stay in your comfort zone. Imagine yourself in a locked room with only one hour left. It’s a game, but at the same time it’s a chance to model the situation and see how will you act under the circumstances. What if Zombie Apocalypse does happen after all? Just kidding, though who knows, maybe the experience from the game will help you perform better in some particular unexpected situation. Then, you will think: “Oh, I remember that game, it was something just like this”. In any case, exposing yourself to new situations is one of the most common self-improvement tips. Try more rooms with different scenarios, and see how simple it becomes to adapt to new circumstances in the game (and life).

3. Time management

Each escape game provides you with limited time to solve the puzzle, and come out as a winner. Usually you have only one hour to read all the clues and to find solutions. Not only you have to eliminate distractions, but also plan a couple steps ahead so that you don’t end up in the middle of the process with no time left. We know that time in Calgary can fly by unnoticed with all the natural beauty around, which is not helpful for your time management skills. Also, one of the greatest enemy of good time management is procrastination. With escape games, you cannot avoid doing tasks that you don’t like, which helps conquer that sort of procrastination. Who knows, maybe once you feel how important it is to prioritize time in the game, it will also help you in a real life.

4. Concentration and attention to details

People often drift somewhere in their dreams when it’s time to concentrate and be extremely effective. In reality, it might cost you. In the meantime, escape games allow to practice the skill of being attentive quite effectively. Unless you really concentrate on the process, you will hardly be able to decipher the clues and take the right actions. What you need is awareness for observation. The rooms might be large, but only to some limits. No matter what, you’ll have to look at the same areas twice or more. So, among the self-improvement ideas, here is one very efficient – pay attention, remember and analyze what you see. The more you’re doing it, the better will become your ability to deal with complicated tasks in your life.

5. Being a critical thinker

Playing escape games can also help you develop a skillset of a critical thinker. Challenging situations, plenty of details to memorize, necessity for analysis of what you notice – all of it encapsulates critical thinking in the process of playing the escape games. All the elements are to be in action at the same time to contemplate the most appropriate course of actions. You need to use extremely limited amount of information to move forward and often to even predict something that hasn’t been seen yet. Challenging and complicated situation in a perfectly safe environment of escape rooms is a perfect way of boosting the critical thinking abilities. Do that often enough, and it might just become a habit.

There are some great self improvement outdoor games in Calgary, and the benefits they can bring you are innumerable. Every small improvement you make can change your life for the better. You never know when there will be an opportunity to show that new skill set, but no doubt it arises at some point. Summing up all that’s been said, the achievements reached in the escape rooms not only make you proud, but also serve higher purposes.

Self-improvement is never a waste of time. Just make sure you take the most of it and pay attention to all the aspects we mentioned in this article. Knowing where to look often helps to reach higher.

Visit us at Escape Hour, and we’ll be glad to help you start that amazing journey into the world of self-improvement combined with the fun pastime. Luckily, it’s available for next to all the ages and types of personality.