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Quest room at Escape Room

8 september
Quest room at Escape Room

Escape rooms are always a great experience for those who are looking to be mentally challenged and enjoy solving puzzles, or and using clues to achieve their goal of solving the problem. This is an exciting experience where you can use your brain and exercise your skills. Again do not think it is an easy escape room, the escape rooms at Escape Hour's are tough. Here is a list of reasons why you should check out the quest room at escape room in Edmonton, Calgary or any other area.

  1. You have been to many escape rooms and want to try something new. The thing about the quest room is that it mixes up many different types of games into one. You will be doing things you normally would not do in an escape room. Quest rooms are owned by the same people who own Escape Room in Canada.
  2. You like challenges? The quests are tough and they take thinking outside of the box to complete, which is what makes it so much fun!
  3. You like treasure hunts? The quests are similar to treasure hunts, where you have to search the room thoroughly in order to find specific objects that will help you complete the quest.
  4. You want a different type of group activity? Quest rooms are great fun because it is something different than just an escape room or other activities in Edmonton or Calgary. Since they are similar to treasure hunts, it is fun to see your friends or family split into teams and then try to solve the quests using their own methods.
  5. You have done escape rooms before? If you have done escape rooms before, this is a great opportunity to get back together with some of your team members who didn't make it to the end for another chance. It is also a way to show your friends what an experience room is like but in a different environment.
  6. You want something new? Even though this is similar to escape rooms, there are many things that separate them apart, which makes it all that more exciting.

Escape Hour offers currently has four real escape rooms, that offer all players/contestants a private room and where you and your friends or family can freely play and work as a team to solve the puzzle. Escape Hour's game master will lend a hand by offering hints on their special tv screens or tablets. It will be up to you to accept or decline this help of course.

Quest room at Escape Room Escape Hour