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Tips for a Duo Escape Room

12 march
Tips for a Duo Escape Room

In Calgary, you will randomly think about going to an escape room to have some fun. The best option would be to go to escapehour as they have the coolest escape rooms in Edmonton. There are many options as to how many you will be in the exit game. You can be as many as 7 or as few as 2. For some, it would actually be great to only be two people since you have less people to worry about. There is an old saying too many cooks spoil the broth so it would be better if you only have one partner to depend on. Of course, this person better be an asset or he may just lie down there waiting for instructions. Here are a few tips for a two-person team:

Have a Plan

Before entering the escape room, better have a plan in place so both of you would know what to do. One could go searching for clues in one part while the other could go sniffing out what is in the room if it means something in the other part. Remember, you have a time limit that will always be flashing on a monitor so always keep that in mind.

Put Problems Aside

If you two had problems in the past, thinking about that won't help you solve the escape room. It will just make you waste some precious time. It would be better to just forget about the past problems you two had since you won't be able to do anything about it anyway. It would be better to focus on the task at hand which is the escape room.

Make Decisions Fast

There are some crucial decisions that the both of you are going to have to make and you are going to need to make them real quick. Since there is only two of you, there won't be other people who will disagree with your decision. If both of you disagree, then you can just play rock, paper, and scissors so it can be over and done with. You have a lot of other tasks ahead of you so it would be better to get that thing out of the way.

Remember to keep these things in heart before entering the escape room especially when you are pretty competitive. You would need to be at your best at all times when you're in there.