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Why Escape Rooms in the Edmonton are Fun

27 january
Why Escape Rooms in the Edmonton are Fun

Live escape rooms are so much more fun than their virtual counterparts even Barack Obama had to get in on the action. And if there's any place in Canada that knows how to hit these intellectual, logical, puzzling notes, it's Edmonton. Those Asian locker rooms have nothing on them (a bit of an exaggeration here of course). If you want to get your friends to give up screem time, for the sole pleasure of your company, get them into an escape game. Here are 4 solid reasons finding your way out of an Edmonton escape game is fun.

#1. They're extremely challenging

You know how certain mystery books aren't as hard to solve, exit games aren't like that. They push you to the limit. The only certainty you have is that no one's going to leave you stuck there the whole day. If it gets too much, you can ask the admin to take you out. Besides that, each room is designed to be as daunting as possible. currently has 4 highly immersive rooms, so you can spend weekends going through each - they even offer virtual reality rooms, on the off chance you want to repeat a specific room on your own time.

#2. Time Flies

60 minutes passes by in the span of seconds. Even if you feel confident about your intellectual ability, a ticking clock will make the adrenaline rush feel like nothing else.

#3. Be a character in a movie

Have ever wondered what you'd do differently if you were a movie character? Yeah, things aren't as straight forward as you might think, and if a recorded session of your exploits were revealed, you'll be surprised how unwise you seem on camera.

#4. The Exit

After hours of wondering through closed doors, figuring out where the clues are and being outsmarted by the room, the exit's gonna be unbelievably thrilling. Like you've conquered something massive. Not to sound too dramatic, but there fewerclimatic moments in life - especially if you beat the clock.